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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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I don't see it personally, not one bit

You don't think the picture of some kid's woodrow isn't a little over the line for a family site? :whoknows: Whatever, I said "probably" not "definitely," so maybe I'm wrong. Just trying to keep this from getting closed.

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His pics seemed pretty clean. Which one was over the line? :cheers:

I'm at work so it appears that whoever hosts his pics that my work server will block them. Damit :mad: (Edit: I need to due a little hack job.)


Anywho I think there were 2.1st one for sure.

Back to the pics. Sorry I'm bad with dam internets.

Check this guy out he's pretty dam funny. :laugh:



~~edited to comply with forum rules~~


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So motorhead just got a month off for posting a pic that violates rule #6.

And jrock was "just a little off" on his "woody" point :D so give him a break.

People who start tossing too much "wanne be mod" type **** at those trying to keep the thread open may get vacations too. But I mean tossing "****", not just making an ordinary "no, I think it's ok" comment. But no extended debates, ok?

If you thin k you see a pic that's a problem, just say your piece in the thread, report the post, and move on. Those responding to such warnings don't need to daisy-chain or pontificate.

The best bet is also to report a pic (not PM) that you think may get the thread closed and we can check. If its quick enough we'll just edit, ban, and leave the thread. If it happens a lot, we're back to re-considering the thread. :)

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