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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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If you all have no problem with that clip - fine. I think it says more about you than my 'concern' says about me. You ever had a young kid mauled by a dog jrock?

No. I didn't think so.

And I obviously have earned a lot of respect around here. The days of 'sorry, I didn't think that would bother anyone, I'll take it down' are obviously long gone.

first of all....i myself was attacked by a pet, not a dog, but our cat Snoopy, when i was 2....had to have over 200 stiches in my face and needed plastic surgery (not a joke), and i still find it funny.......its just the internets

btw this thread sucks now for sure!!111

Baby V says poST faST or GTFO


sorry if the gif bothers you so much....if you dont want to see it anymore....put me on our ignore list :cheers::silly:

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Might want to take that one down, Mooney, it's sure to offend.

Edit: Probably both of them, I was originally talking about the terps one

Statua del Bacchino will get you in trouble? It's ART!

I thought society had moved past the whole "can the children go to the art museum" debate.

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