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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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I think maybe she saw the cliff notes to her book laying there

Doesn't make it funny, but it's an explanation :)

The first caption bubble + The cliff notes on the table = Goodbye lady :)

:laugh: I didn't even see the Cliff Notes. :) That is kinda funny, zoon. :laugh:

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Is it me or is everyone going from Own3d to fail pics? Most of the "fail" pics barely get a smile from me, much less a chuckle. It's like Apple trying to steal from MS after MS stole from them.

Edit: Ooooh You 'Fail' because your thong isn't perfectly straight!!! OOOOhhhh you 'Fail' because of <insert retarded activity>

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Ummm...dude....that wasn't a FAIL due to crookedness.....it was an EPIC FAIL because she put her thong on at a 120 degree angle in the wrong direction :doh:

Page 392...You call that a 120 degree angle? You must be drunk :doh:

Wait...epic fail, right? If that's 120 degree angle, I'm the pope!

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