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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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8 hours ago, Cooked Crack said:


With all these celebrities that now admit to playing dungeons and dragons, I'm starting to wonder if I missed out on the whole game night thing.  My friends and I have never played any games other than the standard card games.  Maybe it's fun?  Doesn't really sound all that great, but what do I know? 


This game you've posted however, sounds miserable.  Why would people play that?  Is there a market for depressing games that I've just been entirely in the dark about?

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Perth couple Jolie King and Mark Firkin jailed in Iran for flying drone


A young Perth couple imprisoned in Iran since July have been identified as travel bloggers Jolie King and Mark Firkin.


Since 2017, the pair had travelled around the world documenting their adventures for around 20,000 followers on their The Way Overland Instagram and YouTube pages. Their posts show the couple regularly captured aerial footage using a drone.


They posted photographs and video of themselves travelling through northern WA, the NT and onto Asia, with their last post on social media from Pakistan in late June.

The couple decided to film their journey to prove that maligned nations are suitable for tourism.


“Our biggest motivation behind the vlogs is to hopefully inspire anyone wanting to travel, and also try to break the stigma around travelling to countries which get a bad wrap in the media,” they wrote.


The pair, from Cottesloe, were seized after allegedly flying a drone without a license and are now being held in the notorious Evin Prison.


Click on the link for the full article

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This guy is wanted by the Galesburg,. Illinois Police on meth charges...




...and no, his name is NOT Walter White, though the resemblance is uncanny:




His name is Todd Barrack, Jr.  His mugshot was posted to the Galesburg PD Facebook page,



and  people went bonkers...


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