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Any news on our bevy of QB,s today?

Chris 44

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Only thing I found so far is....

Redskins | QB Note - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)

9:09 PT: Paul Woody reports for the Times-Dispatch Washington Redskins QB Sage Rosenfels has the early lead in the four-horse race to be the team's starting QB. QB Danny Wuerffel is neck and neck with him and rookie QB Patrick Ramsey is more than "in the mix." QB Dameyune Craig is unofficially the No. 4 quarterback. Unofficially, Ramsey will be given every chance to win the starting job and the other three quarterbacks know that.

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Yeah but that's what we've know before mini-camp. As of Saturday they said that Wuerful was having the better mini-camp. I haven't seen anything as of today.

Besides it's still early we have another QB school in mid May.

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It has an April 28th date... but I'm not sure if that is old news now. Here you go.Early edge to Rosenfels

QB holds lead in 4-horse race



ASHBURN - When all is said and done, if all is ever said and done when it concerns the Washington Redskins, Sage Rosenfels hopes to be head and shoulders above the team's other three quarterbacks.

A year ago, Rosenfels was tak- en by coach Marty Schottenheimer in the fourth round of the NFL draft when most scouts thought he would have been there a round or two later.

Schottenheimer is gone, and Rosenfels' progress reports have taken on a much more urgent tone.

Steve Spurrier is the Redskins' coach now, and it's not unusual for a new staff to purge leftovers from the previous regime.

"That doesn't concern me," Rosenfels said. "I'm a Redskin. We talked about that at mini-camp. We're all Redskins now. We're all ready for the big season."

One step toward that big season is taking place this weekend. Spurrier is holding his second mini-camp.

Rosenfels made sure he was prepared for the first one. He performed so well that he stepped into the huddle as the starting quarterback during this mini-camp.

"First impressions are really important, no matter what job you do, whether it's at a bank or on the football field," Rosenfels said. "I came early a couple of months before that mini-camp, got prepared, and I felt I came out pretty sharp."

Rosenfels does not lack for competition. Danny Wuerffel is on his shoulder. Patrick Ramsey, the team's first-round draft choice last weekend, is more than in the mix.

Dameyune Craig is the No. 4 quarterback, although officially at this moment, that role belongs to Ramsey. Unofficially, Ramsey will be given every chance to win the starting job. The other three quarterbacks know that.

"One of us isn't going to be here," Rosenfels said. "That's the NFL. I've been in sports a long time. I've competed against a lot of guys. The better the guy they bring in here, the better I'm going to get by competing against him. I'm going to try to teach him [Ramsey], the best I can, the little bit I know about pro football. He's going to be a great player. I can tell that from just one day.

"I've been here a year, and we've gone through nine quarterbacks in that time, including me. I learned a lot of things last year. I've learned there's a lot to knowing this position. I learned you better come to play hard every day. I learned that every day could be your last."

That was made abundantly clear to Rosenfels when Jeff George, who had started the first two games of last season, was released in the middle of the week before the third game.

Rosenfels has a number of attributes that make him an interesting quarterback prospect. He's big, 6-4 and 218, but agile and mobile for his size. He can throw on the move and improvise if a play breaks down. His arm is strong enough to make the necessary throws. He is a quick learner who understands what it takes to get ahead in the NFL.

"I didn't know a lot about Sage, but I do believe he has a lot of ability," Spurrier said. "We've just got to get it out of him. He needs to be a little more aggressive, a little more decisive, definite. That comes with experience.

"He can make all the throws, when he tries to. Sometimes, he just sort of poops it out there. He doesn't finish his throw. It's sort of like quitting on a golf ball. You get to it and quit. You've got to finish your throw, finish your swing, all those kind of things. That's what we're going to try to coach him up to do."

It wasn't clear that Rosenfels would fit into Spurrier's offense, but, for the moment, he's progressing nicely. Rosenfels has done his homework.

"If you're a smart quarterback and an accurate passer, you can really do a lot of good things in this offense," Rosenfels said. "Things are working out pretty well, but we have a long time before [training] camp starts. This is a balance between patience and impatience. You want to try to make every rep important and as good as it can be. You've got to take advantage of each one.

"But I'm going to throw interceptions and make mistakes. Every quarterback does. The idea is to make each pass better and learn from the mistakes. There are going to be other days, other passes. I'm very confident in my abilities, but these other guys are good, too. You can never stop battling."

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