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Relax Smoot.

Some of them actually have something worthwhile to say regarding football and the NFC East.

Those who don't will be handled in a way that will push them to talk football, or push them out the door.

The admins here got your back.


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I like the give and take of an open board, what I don't like is the agent provacateur who just comes on and makes one really stupid statement about the Redskins and then departs.

That isn't serving the interest of any real dialogue or exchange of ideas. It is just a waste of time.

Luckily we aren't like the old TSN boards here where 11 year olds were posting anything and everything just to irritate and annoy anyone older.

The main reason you see a number of visiting fans from other teams here is that this board is well done. I have been on other boards for other teams and in other sports and few are as well done.

Most are limited in graphics and options in posting and don't have much of a dialogue going on.

It seems they have 3 or 4 real posters and then an apathetic community of people posting once every two weeks and asking questions that could be answered by a quick scan of any major newspaper or sports website :laugh:

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Originally posted by bulldog

....of people posting once every two weeks....

Hey I resemble that remark :laugh:

I am glad we don't have the flamers others boards and the newsgroups have. I typically don't post too often, because well, I generally don't have alot to add to the discussion. I will chime in if something isinteresting or I feel my view had not been discussed.

BD I know you weren't referring to me in that remark, I just found it funny how it labeled me with my .28 posts/day average.


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The Cowboy fans offer an often amusing perspective on football and a valuable life lesson on the dangers of not using sun block. :) Some are a little better than others and I'm not inclined to encourage them to leave other than to dismantle their lacking arguments with better information. But, that is my way :)

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we must wait until cowboy week...then....we are obligated to ratchet up the heat! we might lose the first game given that there is no rest sun to thursday. but the final game, at home, must be a slaughter! with an obvious home team bias as to the winner. let us start arming now for battle. we must slay puke fans on all fronts. prisoners are not an option.

semper skins!!!!!

trash the boys....sic semper pukes!

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