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If not Adams, who then?


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I'm wondering if Orpheus Roye gets released if we'd be interested in June. You'd have to think we would be, given our weakness, but, the rumor is Roye is being shopped. But, he's making $3.6 million in base salary, so, few teams are going to be seriously interested in trading for him.

He's a big boy, at 6-4, 313. He has some experience on the outside from Pittsburgh and with the Browns, but, he's more a tackle in a 4-3 who could be used as an end in a 3-4 where you are going to break heat from the outside. I've seen reports on Roye that he's known as a quick player, but not a great power player. At his weight, that would seem to fit in the defense I envision for Washington with Big Daddy there.

Big Daddy needs to get upfield pressure in a gap, using his weight to get on a shoulder of a guard and simply wear him down. Roye seems to be a great fit as his partner, because at that size, he would draw attention if allowed to penetrate on a single gap scheme. He's 28 and might have a fair future. If we aren't serious about Adams, who Clayton was reporting has an offer for a $5 million bonus from someone, then, perhaps we should pray that Roye comes free.

And, I don't know that I wouldn't prefer Roye anyway.

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Yeah Orpheus Roye would be an upgrade over who we have now -- which is nobody -- provided he is released and we dont have to absorb a large salary. And the fact that he is only 28 is also good, in that he is not an old retread geezer.

Another outside possibility is 49er DT Reggie McGrew, who is rumored to be on the bubble and is a #1 pick who has underachieved there. Yeah I know what you are thinking, but he is a former Florida player and maybe by reuniting with all the former Florida coaches, they can build another fire under his butt. He was a very good player at Florida.

If he is released after June 1st, we could sign him cheap and at the very least we could rotate him with someone else.

A third possibility Im throwing out there is to trade for DE Shaun Ellis who is good but in the Jets dog house, and then play him at LDE. Then convince Renaldo Wynn to play RDT -- JUST FOR ONE YEAR -- to buy us time to find a DT next year.

I like the first two options better, however, provided they really become options. :D

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