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Off season thoughts


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Before we start figuring who we are going after, lets resign our guys and draft players we need.

Salary cap figures will change as players are relaesed.

Too bad we are resigned to keep Brunnell 1 more year at least :doh:

Also lets see what Gibbs plan is this offseason!

WR, OL ,DE DT and depth is what is needed right now!

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We need a LT (Samuels can blow all the smoke up our asses as he wants by saying he wants to be a Redskin but he's not budging on taking less money), C, G, #2 WR, CB, TE, and a DE. I think we can get the C, LT (maybe Wilson), and #2 WR through FA. We might go CB in the draft and get a TE and more OL and DL depth.

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