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Sage starting his first game for Miami


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We have 2 X Skins at Miami.

Sage and Thompson, Derrius


I hope he does well. I liked Sage.

He has a great deal of maturity, he has been around this system a long time and like we said yesterday he is very cerebral and he knows where to go with the football."

Look out Trent, here comes another Skins QB

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I hope he does well, I liked him while he was here. I believe there were more around here who didn't though.

He has a tough task against those damn Ravens though. I hope he lights them up, but he has NO offensive line in front of him.....

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Originally posted by Simmsm88

As a dolphins fan, it's fine as long as it isn't Jay Fiedler.

He'll probably struggle though.

Ravens + Dolphins running game = Sage looking bad.

I really don't care if he lights it up. I just want to see him play smart football. We can handy cap him for the players around him.

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