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What teams will you be rooting for in the playoffs?


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The Atlanta Falcons, gotta go for former Va Tech Hokies Michael Vick, Kevin McCadam and DeAngelo Hall.

Go Atlanta Hokies Go! :D

AFC San Diego, I always like the Chargers and pulled for them in 1994 when the went to the Super Bowl because of Stan Humphries.

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The Pack. I like Favre. It would have been nice to have a polls for both AFC and NFC. In the AFC I like the Colts. I think Manning is a class act. I also like the Bills because of their comeback this year. I live only 33 miles from Buffalo.

After all the beatings the NFC has taken this year for being "terrible, horrible, etc.," I hope they take the Superbowl.

Prediction: Carolina vs. Pittsburgh and Pitt will win, 17-10.

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