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WTEM Rumor: Sam Adams Deal


How long until Ramsey is the Official Starter?  

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  1. 1. How long until Ramsey is the Official Starter?

    • Beginning of 2002
    • Mid 2002
    • Late 2002 if the Skins are out of the Playoffs
    • Not until 2003

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FWIW, caller to WTEM yesterday at 5:30pm who sounded fairly credible on the surface said that he spent the draft in NYC at Madision Square Garden with staff from the Giants. They apparently told him that Betts was a very solid pick to back up Stephen Davis. More interestingly, they said that Sam Adams and Marvin Lewis have been talking about some sort of deal to get him to Washington this season at a reduced salary. This was why they said Washington was holding off on a DT pick accordingly.

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Okay, if all three of those rumors prove to be true:

Betts can play,

Adams will drop his salary demands,

And Adams actually comes,

He won't be the only guy coming!:jerkoff:

Okay, time to try all those celebration Smiles:

:high: :cheers: :wave: :jump: :party: :D

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I'm not a huge Adams fan, but, I can see the merits of adding that bulk to the defense. Hell, if you sign he and Woodson to very friendly contracts, you have six of last year's Pro Bowlers on that side of the ball, and Fred Smoot who should have gone :). Adams would certainly answer resoundingly any weakness we are said to have.

I still worry he's not the "right" fit, but, he's a substantially better fit than anyone else I can think of at the moment.

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I agree with the idea of drafting Joseph next year (we won't be in a position to get him, though).

If we were holding off on DTs because we have a pending deal with Adams, I don't think we'd have made the trade with the Raiders the second the last of the Big Four DTs were off the draft board.

We wanted a DT and were willing to pass on Ramsey to get one.

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Adams for a year at reasonable money because of Marvin being here sounds like a child's fantasy to me :laugh:

Adams is in his prime and DT is a critical position for teams to fill.

He is not a safety or tight end for whom there may be a limited market.

Rod Woodson makes more sense for one year. But even Rod seems to want to go to the Steelers. Tough for us to compete with HIS relationship with Bill Cowher. :)

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