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Did Smoot 21 get bushwacked???

As of 5/23/02, what do you think the Redskins' 2002 record will be?  

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  1. 1. As of 5/23/02, what do you think the Redskins' 2002 record will be?

    • Better than 12-4
    • 12-4
    • 11-5
    • 10-6
    • 9-7
    • 8-8
    • 7-9
    • 6-10
    • 5-11
    • worse than 5-11

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Anybody heard from the Smootster:? Last thing I heard was that he was thinking about finding a way to weasel out of work on Saturday so he could go to the FEDEX draft day party.

I heard that a group of hard core, dog pound battery throwing, brass knuckle and baseball bat toting, Cleveland Brown fans were planning on renting a mini van and having an up close and personal get together with Smoot to "discuss" their differences either at the stradium or if that failed at his auto dealership (he does own it by now right?) but I thought that was just net-talk. Now I don't know.

Smooty baby where are ya? ;) :cool: ;)

rookie1.jpgIs it possible that a mob of enraged and inebriated Browns fans like this guy met up with our beloved Smootster and did harm of a personal nature to him?

Nah, not Smoot. If they did meet up I'll bet he's on the lamb because he had to put a few of 'em in body bags!! Go on with your bad self Smoot21 go on baby! :box: :asta: :evil: :box: :toilet: :pimp:

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