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Which of these rookie QB's will play the best this season?  

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  1. 1. Which of these rookie QB's will play the best this season?

    • David Carr in Houston
    • Joey Harrington in Detroit
    • Patrick Ramsey in Washington
    • Josh McCown in Arizona
    • David Gerrard in Jacksonville
    • Rohan Davey in New England

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To the men in charge: (respectfully submitted)

When to the avatars get updated? It sorta irks me to see Herr Schottenheimer as "the coach", and I think I saw Norv Turner the other day. Let's upgrade to xskins v.2002!



Marvin Lewis


Patrick Ramsey

Armstead or Trotter

the head dude of the Redskins marching band

And for the visiting Cowboy fans:

pic of aikman getting forced into early retirement

pic of jerrah with his face-lift

pic of nate newton driving his truck

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I want one with a TACO!!!! But it must be a HARD-SHELLED taco!! Not one of those pansy-a$$ed soft-shelled ones. What kind of MAN orders a soft-shelled taco anyway?? A guy who's having erection problems, that's who. If you're on a date and order a soft-shelled taco, you're basically telling the girl, "Hi! Consider me flacid! My genitals are unable to deploy properly!!"

Personally, I'm tired of gyros. Everyone knows it's a weak rip-off of a soft-shelled taco. Same goes with moo-shoo-gai-pan. What is that?

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Originally posted by TheChosenOne

Wacky Ralph could be Ralph Friedgen!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My secret identity must be maintained at all times. I'll give you a hint, though:

I'm alot like Superman....... only I don't fly, I can't bend steal, I'm not from another planet, I'm not very fast, and I like to shout curse words at Bill O'Reilly while getting drunk on Cuarenta Y Tres and eating tacos.

I do, however, have a yellow utility belt. I made it out of folded paperclips.

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