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Question for board moderators. Do you actually get credited with a post if it's the same one you've made on every thread on this board and you just keep reposting it?

How many times do we have to read 9inarow's post about our 5'8" CB. It might of been funny the first time, (it wasn't) but it's as stale as pair of his undies after the ninth day.

Can you say, "betting a dead horse!"

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Uh nighthawk....YEAH. 9inarow is like all cowboy fans. They are what you call "retards". They have one main point that they focus on, which is not even good smack, then they repeat it 1,000 times. Right now, its our short corner. Before the draft, it was how Quincy was the best QB in the history of the NFL. What will it be next? Michael Irvin isn't a coke head?

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And the other thread 9 constantly repeats is the new Michael Irvin Bryant. Puh-lease. You probably that Ritchie was gonna win out over Tony in season 2 and keep on banging that fat sister of his after he was gone. Have you been snorting more of Irvin's stash lately. We all agreed you guys finally had a good draft. What's the point in belaboring your Bryant fixation, and the same cracks on Bauman? Have you already painted Bryant's name all over your trailor park, or what?

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9inarow obviously went to school on the short bus with the rest of the 'tards, and like them, he repeats his favorite lines over and over and over and over and . . . . :gus:

BTW 9, let us know when you have more to get bunged up about than one good draft in the last 9 years.

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Ron Israel | S | Notre Dame | IA Independents

Height Weight 40 Grade

6'0 213 4.62 3.12

Two-year starter used at both cornerback and safety in college. Played in only eight games as a

senior finishing the season with 21 tackles. Junior totals were 34/0/3. Younger brother to former

Pitt cornerback Steve Israel.

Hard hitting, run defending safety best in a smaller area. Quick to read the play, displays a closing

burst of speed in a straight line and likes to mix it up. Hard hitting, throws his body around the play

and aggressive. Solid size/speed numbers. Better making plays up the field than going in reverse;

late covering his pass assignments in center field and lacks overall ball skills. Does not always

take the best angles to the action and his game has some hesitation to it. A bit one dimensional

and not overly effective within that single skill. Possible backup who must really be effective on

special teams if he's to make a roster next season.

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"Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'? "

If the Rock in question is a cowgirls player, it's probably being cooked in a spoon and I don't think ANY of us need to smell it to know what it is.

BTW...."9cucumbersinmybunghole" is d@mn funny. Good one Cowgirlkilla :cool:

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