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Cerrato audio on Ramsey and Trotter

Die Hard

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I cannot resist a man who looks so hot...:laugh:

Working for Skins again:

Positive Atmosphere surrounding Skins, with Fun-Gun and Marvin Lewis

Thoughts on Working with Steve, comparted to Lou Holtz:

Steve was talking to Lou about a SC player.

Steve delegates alot to guys with experience

Patrick Ramsey and attempts to trade up:

couple different plans-if Harrington would have been around Cincy, try to get Stallworth. Both gone-trade back

Figured Ramsey was going to go to Buffalo in 2nd

Ladell Betts:

likes quick footedness and quickness to hole. "I really liked him"

Caught ball extremely well, looked good in drills.

Jeremiah Trotter addition:

Getting QB of the defense, good locker room guy. Just need to find another DT

Florida Gator personal acquisition and Wuerful as Ramsey tutor:

Receivers they know offence and can adjust quickly and can help other guys out to learn system. Danny is a smart, great guy, like having another coach on the field.

"I think you guys are gonna have a lot of fun and win alot of games"

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Fairly accurate summary of what Vinny had to say:

We're re-energized in the building, people are excited about the fun-and-gun, and Marvin Lewis on defense. And with the addition of a qb this weekend, people are excited. The fans and everyone else want a winner. Over the weekend, we tried to fill a lot of needs. Really? I like the draft, Vinny, but the one thing we didn't do is fill a lot of needs. -- ed.

Spurrier delegates more than people think (as w/ Lou Holtz, whom the interviewer brings up for some reason). Spurrier and Holtz were talking for about 10 minutes on the phone during the draft yesterday talking about a kid from South Carolina. Both are great to work for, both very intelligent, both win, both hands-on w/ offense.

We had a couple of different plans, to move up or down in the draft -- if Harrington had dropped to Cincinnati or so, or if Stallworth was there. But no one wanted to trade down w/ us. So we decided we would trade down to pick up some picks. We felt like Ramsey was going to Buffalo or something like that early in the second round, so we could trade back to late in the first round and still get the guy we wanted.

As to LaDell Betts, what was impressive about him when you watch him on film is that he's so quick-footed and quick to the hole. I said to Hue Jackson, the running back coach, we have to go watch him work out, and we did and he caught the ball extremely well.

I think we had an outstanding weekend, because we also got Trotter, like Buffalo did w/ Bledsoe. With Trotter, we got the qb of our defense, usually it's the MLB who does the calls on defense. Trotter is a leader in the locker room. We have 3 outstanding linebackers, along w/ our cb's, we've got an outstanding defense. We just need to find another DT.

It's good to have the Florida guys around to adjust quickly and help the other guys, the other receivers, to explain what coach is looking for. It's not carved in granite, they have to compete to make the ball club. Danny Wuerffel is a smart guy, he's like a coach he knows the offense so well, that helps.

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