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Ist and Goal


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If I was the defensive coordinator of ANY tgeam playing the redskins....

ist and goal- play only d-line and linebackers. We only try and run.

2nd and goal- play only d- line and linebackers. We only try and run.

3rd and goal- watch play action and NEVER bite on the run.

4th and goal- celebrate that the defense only gave up three.

Man oh man... we could really shock people if we ever tried to pass on first and goal.

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Gibbs is trying to figure out how to use Portis in short and goal situations. It isn't like we've been there often enough to have a clue. We don't have the Oline to pound it in. Running it in is definately safer. So, Gibbs will continue to tinker with it until he figures out how to get Portis in on the ground. When he figures it out, we will get so good at it, that teams will know it's coming and still not be able to stop it.

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