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the Redskins may find the next Sonny Jurgensen, they may develop the next John Riggins, but it seems they are always going to be looking for size at DT and a good long-snapper :laugh:

the moves for both DT and LS since 1998 have been mindboggling. It seems we have a new long snapper every year.

and each year we seem to rotate another unwilling victim from defensive end into the vortex at tackle.

remember that Kenard Lang was preceded by other ends such as Kelvin Kinney and Dexter Nottage who also suffered inside.

Is it any wonder this team hasn't finished better than #18 against the run since 1993?

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We DRAFTED someone to COMPETE for the LONG SNAPPER position?

I'm with you. I thought our #1 need was a DT. Not that you have to draft that position first: Id've been perfectly happy with Ramsey and three linemen on day 1. I would have been happy with a "project" DT in round 4.

Am I supposed to believe that, when we were picking our LS, or our 2nd "future CB", that there wasn't a single DT that was even able to compete for a spot?

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