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Riggo on Rome NOW

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Pure luck as it would have it but I did catch little bits of it while running an errand- here goes:

Jim Rome was his usual sycophantic self (would you expect any differently??)

They had some discussion about the draft. Riggins thought that the skins drafted pretty well, that a lot of the guys are probably going to contribute, and that Ramsey was a great selection.

They talked about Spurrier and the "system". Rome stated that yeah, the system's been really successful at the college level, but that you need the horses. John agreed with him for a moment and then basically did an about turn, saying:

- well, you have to look at the Rams, look at their system and how they are successful with it. How there are a lot of quarterbacks who could come in and be very successful with it, and how Warner, if put in another situation might not be as successful.

They talked about Snyder, with Riggins saying that Snyder is a guy who is learning on the job, and that in the end he's a good thing for the team. that unlike most of the owners in the league, he wants the team to win rather than make a profit. They then did a bit of a comparison with JKC and his antics. Mentioned the hogs, and how Don Warren was the most underrated guy on the field at the time.

A good interview, if you can handle Jim rome's interview technique.

They closed with a small discussion about Riggins' foray into the theatre, and where he would go with it.

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Warner is no third stringer. He's got great accuracy and timing on his passes. While the system certainly helps him, I'd say it does so no more than the 49'ers system helped Joe Montana.

And if I'm wrong, please explain why Martz's system doesn't quite work without him.

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Patrick Ramsey is 6'2 and 220 and according to the bio has a strong arm, good accuracy and limited mobility. We expect him over time to become a very good NFL quarterback.

Now, you are saying that Kurt Warner who is 6'4 and 230 and has a strong arm, excellent accuracy and limited mobility would be only a backup anywhere else but St. Louis?

Dare I ask if there is even a thought process behind such an obviously ridiculous statement?

Let's throw Warner's achievements out the window and put him on the 2002 Redskins.

Is there any doubt in your mind that Warner woudn't be worth perhaps 2-3 or even 4 games to the Redskins in the standings?

I think people focus too much on a guy's pedigree. If he was a #1 pick than he developed because of good bloodlines.

But if another guy makes it after coming in as a free agent or late pick, than it was either luck or the system that made him.

Patently absurd. :rotflmao:

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My comparison of Warner to Montana is no accident, although granted Warner needs more years and Super Bowls to truly bear out the comparison. However, they share the same traits, except that Warner's bigger and less mobile than Montana was. They both have only average arm strength. However, what makes them great - and I say that advisedly about Warner - is their knowledge of their offense and their personnel, their knowledge of the defense and their ability to read that defense, their vision of the field as passers, and the timing and the accuracy of their passes.

They are absolutely great passers. And it seems pretty hollow to attribute their success to a system, given the number of failures in every system that we've seen over the years.

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Rome asked him what have you been up to ?

Riggo said "I have been doing some acting in a play."

Riggo said "I`am pretty good, I think I like the stage better than TV.

Rome said "Thats good you don`t want to sell out"

Riggo said " Oh no, I got hose-bag written all over my face. No ones asked yet."

I LOVE RIGGO !!!!!!!!!!!

I hope none of the hose-bag out there are offended.

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I also heard the interview. Riggo said last Thursday night he attended a function that Joe Gibbs was having. Riggo said that he sat next to Spurrier and came away impressed. He felt Spurrier could make his system work in the NFL. And as only Riggo could say "I didn't consider him brash or arrogant."

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