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tidbit on Synder at CBSsportline


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The Redskins wanted Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington but were unable to move up to get him. When the Saints took receiver Donte Stallworth, another Snyder target, the Redskins moved back.

With the last pick of the first round, they took Tulane quarterback Patrick Ramsey, a player they wanted anyway. In moving down, they saved money and added picks.

Like Jerry and Al, the Daniel had a good day.


I was surprised to see any good reports on this years draft because even if we had a great one the media would find something

Sorry did not see this posted earlier.

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Ramsey was a nice guy to get while also picking up two thirds. I'm excited about his potential in this offense. He's got no worse than the second best arm in the division, behind only maybe Collins, and he's got the smarts to understand this offense and be a guy we can count on. He's also got the potential to stand there and get crushed, breaking every bone in his body while all of us scream, "MOOOOOOOOOOOVE DAMMIT."

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