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See you later Westbrook...

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I guess Russell means Westbrook or any other more expensive FA WR is no longer needed. I heard a small bit on the radio the other day about Westbrook saying something along those lines.

Has anyone heard or found anything on this?

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I think Westbrook will be a Cowboy within the next couple of weeks. Jones has indicated he is looking to retool his WR position to get more size and with Antonio Bryant coming on board, nabbing Westbrook for a minimum-incentive based deal will be attractive. And let's face it, Jones is enamored like Al Davis with raw measurables. He always believe HIS team can get the most out of these types of players that have been disappointments elsewhere.

Russell to me is a development pick at #3 however. This team still doesn't have a #1 receiver.

And from what we have seen perhaps Spurrier won't go into the season with a clear #1. Maybe that is his style.

Certainly, in time, Gardner has the capability of assuming the mantle of being a #1, but that may not come for awhile.

In the meantime we have a number of interesting physical prospects, but nothing proven.

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Originally posted by Skins_Freak

Most of his knee ankle injuries have come on the turf... Dallas, Giants, and I think one in Philly...

I think he will get hurt again, his odds will increas on already some bum knees... IF he goes to Dallas.

You are correct, also his season ending injury in 2000 was in Detroit on the Silver Dome Turf. :doh:

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