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Finally, a need pick!


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It only took the Skins eighty picks or so, but they finally pick someone that can fill a need in wideout Cliff Russell of Utah. This kid has great speed, but has had durability problems. I hope Spurrier can make him into a good receiver because we passed on alot of good ones earlier in the draft. I'm just really bummed that we have no linemen to show for our four picks of day one. I felt this was our most glaring need and we totally ignore it. What gives????? It also pisses me off to sit here and watch the cowpies find themselves three probable starters out of their four selections. Williams, Gurode, and Bryant will most likely start this season. In fact those three would have been starters for us too, so don't give me that line that they have more holes to fill then we do. They got some good kids today. The Skins on the other hand have us all scratching our heads as to what the hell is going on. This draft has Cerrato labeled all over it. The guy was an idiot before, and he still is an idiot. Thanks Danny for bringing the no mind back to us. I just wonder how many of these 2002 draft picks will be with the Skins two or three years from now? Tell me I shouldn't feel this way guys!!!!!!!

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You smoking some of that wacky weed again smoot? The Skins couldn't draft a starting quarterback if they tried. How many starting running backs are from Iowa? Bauman is 5'8" tall. His size will limit him. Russell might be the best pick of the day. He is the only one that might be able to step in and give us some early contributions. And don't tell me that the Cowboys didn't have a great first day. They netted three starters. We netted ZERO!

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SmootSkin21, if you believe Betts is going to be a franchise calliber back in the NFL over time, you obviously know a lot more than the rest of us.

in a draft class thin at the running back position, his name was down the list.

if William Green and TJ Duckett were helped in this draft by the lack of competition, one could also perhaps make the case that in a year with a bevy of good backs that Betts would have been a #4 pick.

The problem I have with Ramsey and Betts is that for #1 and #2 picks there are too many questions of whether they are going to be good pros at this point.

Usually you look to your top couple of picks to be starters in Year 1, but with these two I don't see that.

And I don't see Bauman and Russell as being more than #3 or #4 on the depth chart.

Once again, ALL those moves to end up with these 4 athletes?

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