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Who's Influencing our draft the most???


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Well, I wouldn't say they're picking the worst player at their positions.

The last two picks were good picks in terms of where they were chosen since both were considered 3rd round picks but I wouldn't have picked either one for us based on what our needs are.

Russell was rated as high as a second rounder. I just don't think people are happy because neither one has a big known name.

They'll both be good players but neither one can play DT or OG.

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Let's hope that their heads clear with a good night's sleep.

Uh, you mean their eyes clear out after they wipe all that Sh*t off their faces? After they've removed their heads out of their @sses? :D

Nope, I'm not that ticked off like some seemto be . But it's been a strange draft.

Given how Jerrah drafted this year, did he get another facelift making him look like snyder, then kidnap snyder, and replace him in the skins draftroom? This almost looks like one of his creations. And the cowboys draft looks like a real GM did it for him.....

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What a bunch of whiner complainers on this board! The Skins started the day with no third round picks and ended with two. Also, an additional 5th and 7th came in the mix.

They pursued the DT's and Stallworth aggressively, and when they couldn't scare up a deal, they traded down twice to pick up extra picks and set themselves up to select a much needed QB. Bauman is a solid value pick whose stock dropped because of his height. He can, however, both cover and play the run. Russell is a burner, and Betts has been very productive running at Iowa.

This is the first time in a long while the team seemed to have their heads into a draft. I thought they played it with some discipline, and they have seven more picks tomorrow. Hope you resident geniuses can live through it.:cool:

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A blurb on ESPN said that Snyder had the final say on all the picks in the first 2 rounds, and after that, he turned it over to the scouts.

Either way, I chugged about three bottlea of Pepto. My stomach feels like it's digesting a taco made out of three-day-old salmon and onions.

But it's funny... If Ramsey turns into a Pro Bowl QB, everything is good. The QB position can be a b!tch to fill.

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Spare me the whiner complainer cliche please your majesty.

The Redskins addressed back-up RB and back-up CB with substantial holes remaining in the starting line-up that could have been filled by supposedly good value picks in Weaver and Metcalf. Our only source for information are the scouting web sites on the net, so I don't think anyone is claiming any sort of expertise but based on everything we know, it looks like some poor decisions and just when everyone is happy to praise the Skins on good moves and picks, you should be able to criticize, with the understanding that no one on this board has invested the time that "professionals" do. There were several whispers about the Skin's scouting being far behind after getting a late start and this draft does not allay any of those fears. One thing is for sure, if this does not work out, I'd have to believe Cerrato will be gone, so something could could come of this yet. Now it is possible these holes in the lines will be addressed in FA, but until they are, there is cause for concern.

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I have to admit to a couple of "WTF?" moments, but I don't think the picks are as outlandish as some apparently do. I like the Ramsey and Russell picks; they fill needs and they are good values where they were drafted. Ramsey immediately becomes the best QB on the roster,

and he's got all the tools he needs, both physically and mentally, to move up to the NFL. The question is how long it will take for him to contribute, but he couldn't have a better teacher.

Russell is a speed merchant with a talent for getting open against zones as well as man-to-man. If not for a knee as a sophomore and a broken arm as a junior, he probably would have been rated a lot higher.

Betts may have been a reach, but no more than a half-round or so. He's not a big name, but he's still a good back. He's a solid between-the-tackles runner who uses blocking well and he's a good receiver out of the backfield as well. Think Ricky Watters in terms of style. Does he fill a hole? Well, certainly not a *gaping* hole, but if Davis comes up with an injury at a crucial point in the season (NOT unheard of), Betts could be quite valuable. Anyway, it would seem that the Skins have closed the door on re-signing Ki-Jana, and we do need a backup for Davis, so this is hardly a wasted pick.

Bauman is the biggest head-scratcher, but only in terms of need. He's a little small (same size as Darrell), but all the reports say he's got the confidence and aggressiveness you like in a CB. He leaps well, he has good hands, and he is extremely quick with very good straight-line speed. Most scouts seem to think he's best suited as a nickel, so maybe he does fit in here, but it's hard to say his choice was really necessary.

I would have liked to come out of day one with all needs addressed, but considering what we went in with and what we came out with, I'm not ready to throw myself under a train yet. There's a lot of time left to get everything taken care of.

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Well put. You expressed my sentiments exactly. Lets not be quick to judge this draft yet. We picked up five extra picks after the dust settled.

Betts is really a decent back, who has a 74 yard and 65 yard run to his credit. For a 220 pounder that tells me he aint no slug. We had no one behind Davis. Check him out.


Bauman is a good fast playmaker CB, and you can never have enough of these guys, what with injuries and teams using three and four WR sets.


Russell is a productive speed burner who needs some polish, but SS never has enough of these guys. He did a 4.29 and 4.36 at the combine, and he is no smurf at 5-11, l185 lbs.


And of course, Patrick Ramsey was the third best QB rated in the draft, who impressed everyone at the combine. Although he is not mobile -- he lost 15 lbs., and improved his speed and ran a 4.95 on his Pro Day. Dont forget, Carr and Harrington are not scramblers either. He has a quick release among other intangibles. Dan Marino was a statue too -- and we know what he did -- and was drafted almost in the same place in the 1st round.


All these guys will make the team and contribute something. Are they immediate starters? No. But we needed depth at these positions. And like OBXBrave pointed out........ we didnt even have a 3rd rounder before the day started. Have we had the best draft of all the teams. No. But that doesnt mean it has been bad either. :D

Vinny and Snyder are not making these picks, although Snyder does hit the phones trying to setup trades and picks. Ron Nay and Joe Mendes are pulling the trigger here, not Vinny according to the WT and WP. Mendes has done a fantastic job so far. After getting Trotter on Friday, nothing can ruin this weekend as far as Im concerned. :D

Now quit the ****ing........ or Im gonna put a contract out on some of you guys. :D

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Before yo all xpect me to get on the Ramsey bandwagon I still believe if everything is equal in Camp as stated he will have a hard time beating out Sage who has just as strong if not stronger arm and I seriously doubt he will concede the starting position.

I'm still waiting to see that DT or OG

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