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Ramsey is our if we want him


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So we are looking at the same exact players we were when we had the 18th pick... THAT is a good, fortunate move. We have almost all the top picks on our draft card, for a cheaper price, and with the chance to trade back up in the 2nd round to maybe get another...

B+ so far for the draft.

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I think we have to pick a QB somewhere in this draft. Why not fairly early so we can concentrate on less glamorous positions later? escholtz, I think it would have been crazy to go with the QBs we have on the roster. Rosenfels was the only one wih any chance of being our future QB, and that's a big big gamble. Ramsey looks like a great fit for Spurrier. It's nice to finally see some direction from the Redskins at the QB spot.

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