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Sigh. I think that one must keep in mind the recent public viewpoints by the admins of this site on the subject of joke threads and ensuing punishment for the perpetrators of such threads. B.D. had fair warning going into this. Knowingly doing so anyway, I believe a different avatar for the man may be necessary. Remember, the clown was said to be a slap on the wrist. Other, more serious consequences were said to be in the works. I think B.D. better be ready for something different, ring of honor or not. :D I like a good gotcha, but if there is to be retribution for it, better make sure it's wort it. :cool:

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oh please no.

this is supposed to be a punishment for the poster not everyone else on the board. why not give him a jerry jones icon or some other person deeply hated by true redskins fans. now thats a punishment.

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Hey Bulldog, I live here in Houston and this kind of behavior will not be tolerated youngman. Trotter is rightfully ours, I mean Danny's, I mean Spurrier, Lewis.

Whatever..@#$@^:evil: Whip out the Icons you guys have hidden for such an horrendous act. I couldn't breathe for about 30 seconds after reading this post. I couldn't feel my legs, my head hurts, I thought I was gonna..:puke:

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The Clowns have spoken!!

We wish Bulldog to be amongst us down here hopelessly dancing for beer and scraps of waste meat in the clown pit!! Waiting for some unseen fairy princess to kiss us and remove this curse from our wretched souls. Yes, misery does love company!!

I, as the first to be "clowned", do hereby declare myself as the LORD OF THE CLOWNS holder and protector of the fabled conch.

I preside at clown council, declare clown meetings, even tell the warrior clowns when to hunt for wild boar meat to roast at the weekly clown feast.

All clowns will obey without question all of my proclamations or risk excommunication and the loss of their size 22 EEE clown shoes.

The Lord of the Clowns has spoken!!! :)

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These clown punishments are not actually punishments at all it seems. BCS seems to be enjoying his new found fame a little too much. I recommend that the admins put up a picture of Jerry Jones with a big s**t eating grin on his face and wait until these guys do a hundred posts before it comes off. Any support for this idea?

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Originally posted by Reagan

These clown punishments are not actually punishments at all it seems.

I wouldn't be so sure of that if I were you Reagan. Don't judge another man until you've skipped a light fandango in his shoes (I wear 22 EEE "Buster Clowns" btw).

Some of us stand firm and laugh in the storm regardless of how we feel inside. Some of us refuse to be bent, broken, or humiliated.

BCS seems to be enjoying his new found fame a little too much.

Well, well aren't we the sadistic one tonight.

I bet you were hoping to see me kowtow and shiver in the back of the room while begging forgiveness from you fine grand upstanding netizens? NOT ON YOUR LIFE, BUB!!!

That's just not how I respond to adversity Reagan.

I prefer to take a positive mental attitude towards whatever predicament I find myself in-- if I enjoy things along the way all the better. Yes, I'm having fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. But don't for a moment assume that this means I don't realize the gravity of my offense.

Let's not forget that the ultimate aim of this punishment is to eliminate prank posts. Therefore, it's effectiveness can only be judged by it's instrumental value in shaping future behavior. It really doesn't matter whether I laugh, cry, or have no reaction at all to the clown avatar. What does matter is what I POST today, tomorrow and the next day.

REST ASSURED, "FRIEND" REAGAN, THIS BOARD WILL NOT BE SULLIED WITH ANOTHER PRANK POST FROM THIS AUTHOR. Not because I am afraid of the consequences but because to do so again would be...bad manners.

Today I am a clown. Some day in the future I will cease to be a clown. In the meantime all I can control is my attitude. I intend to enjoy this clown pic and what it represents, without apology, for as long as I have it, because once it's gone it's not coming back.

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