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Latest Trotter update via CNNSI


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WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Washington Redskins spent Friday trying to close a deal with two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jeremiah Trotter.

The Redskins have been talking to Trotter for nearly a week, according to a source familiar with the negotiations, according to a source familiar with the negotiations who requested anonymity. Trotter met with team officials Sunday and Monday and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, also has been listening to offers from Houston and Green Bay.

If he joins the Redskins, Trotter would join LaVar Arrington and new signing Jessie Armstead to form a big-name linebacker corps. All three went to the Pro Bowl last season.

During his visit, Trotter also said he'd like to play for the Redskins because he'd get a chance to face Philadelphia twice every season in the NFC East. Trotter is unhappy with the Eagles for removing his franchise player designation earlier this month, a move that made him a free agent.

Then again, Trotter said during his visit to Houston that the Texans would be his top choice because he's a native of the state.

During five days of talks, Trotter and the Redskins have yet to pin down the length of the contract -- five, six or seven years -- or the amount of the signing bonus -- somewhere between $5 million and $7 million.

The Redskins have little room under the salary cap, so they would probably have to cut a player or restructure existing contracts if they sign Trotter. Running back Stephen Davis and defensive end Marco Coleman are likely candidates for contract restructuring.

The Redskins have already spent big on defense, signing Armstead and defensive lineman Renaldo Wynn. They still have several needs on offense, particularly at guard, which they are likely to address during the draft.

seems like fluff to me.

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Last night it was imminent now 18 hours later still no deal. sniff sniff. Something doesn't smell right.

Either the Skins are having trouble getting players to renegotiate their contracts so they can sign Trotter (AND sign our draft picks tmrw) OR Trotter's having second thoughts.

Then again I'm just a lousy clown. Whada I know?

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this is the same rehash of what was on ESPN on Thursday.

There must be some holdup in the negotiations that is significant because the ESPN article indicated that Snyder wanted to have this signing wrapped up before the draft one way or another.

The holdup may be that Coleman or Davis is balking at restructuring their deals.

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I think this is all about Snyder wanting the spotlight. I'm with you skinsfanbu, in that I also think it will get done before Carr walks up on stage - like right before. This is Snyder's chance to make sure we get the bright lights tomorrow regardless if we trade for Harrington or not.

Personally, I hope this also means Trotter will be our glory pick and we'll trade our 1st rounder down to San Fran or Oakland or some other team and then we'll address the lines in the first two rounds.

I can't think of a much better scenario tomorrow than picking up Trotter, a solid OG, a solid DE/DT, and maybe even we'll luck out and find a nice WR. If we do all that on day 1 and trade for Shane Matthews on day 2....(words can't even express)

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I agree Skins21. Sign Trotter, trade down, pick up DT, OL, WR or QB, i don't think anyone would ave envisioned things to go down this nicely. :D But I'm kinda worried about Trotter not signing after all the published reports. However, I won't be surprised if Snyder makes the announcement before the draft.

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