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Hey Art, Blade..others..What's with the "homie" the Clown Icon?

Mr. Redskin

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As one of the "others" I can speak to this, but not change it. You'll have to petition the big boys for that.

Pranks and false posts are not all that welcome around here these days. They just plain got out of hand, and went from just good fun to a major source of frustration and a pain in the arse for many members, and the admins -- not all that crazy about them either -- were obliged to take heed.

There were warnings given, at first with a nudge and a wink, then in due time with some degree of seriousness. You, my friend, ran afoul of some really bad timing on your recent prank ... the Ki-Jana Carter one if memory serves.

You and another member, who perpetrated a fraud at about the same time, and who has thus far borne his penance with dignity (no easy feat in said threads, I'll grant you), were the first to inherit the scarlet letter. Or whatever the hell that stuff he's sporting is.

My humble advice is to play nice, take it like a man (so to speak), and serve out the time. Lessons learned and all that ... :)

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Mr. Redskin, as I wrote to you in the messages we exchanged, this is the punishment for prank threads. As Om recommended, it's best to face your situation like a good clown. We will eventually relent. The first time I see that icon and stop laughing will be that day :).

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Originally posted by Mr. Redskin

Theese is not Good!@#^%#&..:hammer:

This is a case where the path of least resistance is the best strategy. Accept your fate glasshopper. Join with me Clown brother in the wonderful freedom of clownsanity.

Don't worry be happy.

It's all state of mind.

What we got here is failure to communicate.

Welcome to wonderland Alice.

Admiral Yamomoto say, "be happy in your work".

This sure doesn't look like Kansas Toto.

Embrace your destiny Luke.

I am a fly who dreamed I was a man and loved it.

(An imaginary clown kewpie doll goes to whoever can name the source for the above quotes.)

I knew a man Bojangles

And he'd dance for you

In worn out shoes

With silver hair a ragged shirt

And baggy pants

He would do the old soft shoe

He would jump so high

Jump so high

Then he lightly touch down

He told me of the time he worked with

Minstrel shows travelling

Throughout the south

He spoke with tears of fifteen years

How his dog and he

They would travel about.

But his dog up and died

He up and died

And after twenty years he still grieved

He said "I dance now

At every chance in the Honky Tonks

For my drinks and tips

But most the time I spend

Behind these country bars

You see on I drinks a bit"

Then he shook his head

Oh lord when he shook his head

I could swear I heard someone say please

Mister Bojangles

Call him Mister Bojangles

Mister Bojangles come back and dance please

Come back and dance again Mr Bojangles

I am Mr Bojangles and I dance...forever.

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Dont dispare BCS........... Big Bubba in the next cellblock still thinks you're cute in your S&M outfit and says: "Hang in there honey, and do your time." He has a photocopy of you hanging on his wall for all the guys to see as they pass bye. You can write him if you like at the below address: :laugh:

Send letter to:

Big Bubba

c/o Sing Sing Correctional Institution

Cellblock # R U 1 2

Spaced Out, California 90069 :high:

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