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A couple of new features added...

Die Hard

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(1) Users now have the ability to change their own usernames.

- Login

- Go the "User Cp"

- Go to "Edit Profile". It's the very first field at the top.

- Change your username and hit "Submit Modifcation" button at the bottom. Done.

(2) Stats feature:

- Located at the top right of the screen

(ie. :: User Cp :: Register :: Calendar :: MemberList :: Faq :: Search :: Stats :: Home ::

- Self explanatory but a lot of interesting stats about our community.

More will be coming in the next few days. Members will be notified via this thread.

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Absolutely not. It doesn't create a new account or change the amount of posts associated with the account. Just your 'username' field. The feature also prevents any duplicate usernames of those that already exist.

More importantly... it won't change your rank or your custom rank pic ;)

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It will not prevent you from changing your username back to your original username assuming it isn't already taken.

For instance, if you switch your username, and a new user or someone else decides to take "BallCoachSpurrier" after you've switched... you won't be able to switch back.

However, we wouldn't let that happen anyways. It would be too confusing for the rest of us as well. If anyone wishes to 'reserve' their username for such occasions... simply PM me the username you wish to preserve and I'll do it for you. There is a method in place which we could employ. Then, when you want it back, simply PM me to inform me. Fair enough?

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Will you be changing any of the avatar's soon. Like to see Gibbs up there and Deion dissappear. I guess what I mean is updated. Not that I'll reach some of these milestones anytime soon. But I gotta say, that I love this site. The best for Redskins news and for fans.

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cdanrun - A Gibbs rank is already being used by Trevor; though he posts infrequently so you won't see it much. It's a special ranking reserved a contest we run during the year (ie. The Man Contest).

Also, there is no picture of Deion. I assume you mean The Starter rank with Fred Smoot's pick?

There'll be a few new updates (ie. coaches, rookie, etc) coming up after the draft. Patience :) We're still fixing bugs and adding features. Cosmetics will follow shortly.

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