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Carr signs big deal


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Updating previous reports, ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports the Houston Texans have reached a seven-year, $46.25 million contract agreement with Fresno State QB David Carr, which will officially cement his being taken No. 1 overall on Saturday. Carr's agent, Mike Sullivan, will fly to Houston on Tuesday to finalize some details. Carr will receive an $11 million signing bonus right off the bat and a 2002 base salary of about $1 million. There's another bonus of $3 million due in March 2003 and Carr will have base salaries of $550,000 (2003) and $660,000 (2004). About $16.25 million over the first 3 years is basically guaranteed.

I think it is safe to say the Texans might take Carr with the first pick :D :D

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I don't think any player in the league is worth an $11 million bonus.

Yes, some will get it, but there are few players that are the kind of difference makers that are worth the gamble.

If I were the Texans I would have signed Chandler for 2 years, moved down from #1 and then taken Ramsey to groom in round 2.

I could then have used multiple picks in rounds 1 and 2 to bring this team up faster to respectability.

Carr is supposed to be a good prospect, but I don't see anyone comparing him to Elway or Aikman coming out.

If Carr turns out to be a bust or just a middling player in the NFL the Texans will suffer for it for the next 5-7 years just as the Redskins did with Heath Shuler.

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I thought they had to use the pick and couldn't trade because they are an expansion team.

I dont want us drafting a QB for the bust reasons also.

Next year is a bigger pool of quality QBs to choose from imagine if we sign a Harrington or Ramsey they turn out to suck and next year we can get a Dorsey,Grossman,Leftwich, Eli Manning, etc

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Actually, bulldog, after the Senior Bowl, Troy Aikman is exactly who the talent watchers were comparing Carr to. He's got the same big arm and the same accuracy in his throws.

Carr has a little bit to learn, but he's got as much talent to throw the football as anyone coming out this year, next year, or even the year after.

Despite what Navy Dave says, this year's top two QBs are better talents than anyone coming out the next couple of seasons, with the possible exception of Eli Manning. You might throw Bryon Leftwich in there based on physical talent alone, but he's not as polished as Carr or Harrington. People forget Dave Ragone at Louisville, too. He belongs in that group.

But Grossman? Dorsey? They aren't nearly the prospects Carr and Harrington are. You might as well draft Ramsey or Kurt Kittner this year instead of waiting 'til next year to draft one of those guys.

To me, being afraid to draft a quarterback in the first round because of "bust reasons" is just cowardly, if the quarterback merits a first round pick. You can't keep saying "wait 'til next year" forever. The longer you put it off, the more you have to wait for that guy to mature. The core we are building now -- players like Bailey, Arrington, Samuels, Davis, etc -- might move on by the time a good QB prospect comes into his own if you wait too long.

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Guru .. you have GOT to be kidding me. 2003's draft class will trump this year's. Hell, I don't put Harrington in the top 5 next year if manning comes out.

Byron Leftwich is a better prospect than Carr and Harrington combined, and Eli Manning is even better than him. Not to mention the fact that Kliff Klingsbury, Dave Ragone, Chris Simms, Carson Palmer, and Jason Thomas all have the potential to be far superior prospects to Harrington with good senior seasons. Rex Grossman will also probably come out after this upcoming college season and while Grossman is a florida QB, he's got far more natural talent than guys like Wuerffel and Matthews.

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I'm not so sure that Carr can be a superstar. He's got some mechanical things to work on, like his sidearm delivery. I saw him in several games and the Senior Bowl, and he does not look extremely polished. Definitely not polished enough for the number one pick, and a possible franchise QB. Color me stupid if I'm wrong, which is a distinct possibility. :rolleyes:

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I don't get it. I've watched all these guys play. Of those guys, based on the way they've played, only Manning, Leftwich, and Ragone rate as first round prospects.

Chris Simms has the bloodlines and the measurables, but based on the way he's played so far, he doesn't rate as a first rounder. He hasn't handled pressure very well and doesn't rate high in the leadership department.

Carson Palmer looks the part. He's been talked about plenty the past couple of years. He doesn't have much to show for all the hype, though.

Thomas? He bombed the first time he got attention on national TV against a tough opponent.


Rex Grossman might be okay. He's got very good skills, but you can't tell much about his intangibles since he hasn't ever had to carry his team. His measurables might not get him into the first round. Maybe, though.

The thing I like so much about Carr and Harrington is their intangibles. They've proven they can carry a team on their back. They elevate their teammates level of play. They are calm under pressure. They never give up. They've never wilted under the spotlight, either in games or in the draft evaluation process.

And Orange? One of the first things that popped into my mind about Carr was how polished he looked. You can't rush to judgement based on the 2 or 3 series he played in the Senior Bowl. Forget about that delivery. It didn't bother guys like Kenny Stabler or Bernie Kosar. Carr's got a much stronger arm and quicker delivery than either of those guys, too.

I just don't buy all these arguements about how great next year's draft will be for QBs. I see a lot of underacheivers like Simms and Palmer. Like I said, Manning, Leftwhich, and Ragone rate as top QBs. But they are all likely very high picks, and the Skins could find themselves in the same delima we are this year -- drafting too low to snag one of those guys. But the rest of those QBs? It's just as much of a crap shoot as drafting one this year.

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There is just so much more depth in next year's class. After Carr and Harrington, there is a big dropoff (although maybe not as big as once thought) to the next best QB.

With Steve's love of former Gators, I think it would be a mistake to take Ramsey this year, especially with the 18th pick. Wouldn't it be a better idea to sit tight and draft Grossman, who will know every nook and cranny of the Fun 'N Gun instead of drafting Ramsey, who may be slightly overrated anyway? I would be OK with trading down to get him, but taking him at 18 goes against the "best player available" philosophy. Even though Ramsey will fit almost perfectly in Steve's system, he won't understand it perfectly, whereas Grossman will.

I thought Grossman showed a great deal of leadership and maturity by opting to say at Florida instead of bolting for the big bucks. And I'm not going to pass up on him just because we haven't see his intangibles tested.

I'm not saying Carr is a bad QB, I'm just saying that for the Texans to be a contender, I think they should trade down for multiple picks and draft Ramsey in the second round to groom under Kent Graham.

Carr has to be mature, since he has a wife and a kid. BUT, why the heck did he lead his team to losses against Hawaii and Boise State? Fresno had some impressive victories at the beginning of the season of Colorado and Wisconsin, and then the Rose Bowl talk began. Did he crumble under the pressure? I'm not sure, but it's something to think about.

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Okay, I'm obsessing a little. But here goes ...

Organge, in those Fresno State losses, their defense simply got lit up. If it wasn't for Carr, Fresno would never have even been close. And both games were close.

Against Boise St., behind 35-30, Carr actually led a drive to the Boise St 5-yard line with a minute to play, but was sacked on 4th and goal. While he didn't get to finish the drive, he did an amazing job of getting his guys in position with a couple of gutsy scrambles and tough throws.

Against Hawaii, Ashley Lelie and Nick Rolovich simply lit up Fresno's defense, but it took a Rolo TD pass with 13 seconds left to win the game. With no help from the defense, Carr kept Fresno in the game with 400 yards passing and 4 TD tosses.

Look, not even John Elway or Joe Monatana was successful in every come-from-behind attempt. Like Elway in Denver during the '80s, Carr carried a team that had no business even being in some of the games they played, let alone winning them. As Elway showed in Denver, you need to be surrounded by some talent to win the Super Bowl. You can't do it on your own, although Elway nearly did. Like Elway, Carr elevated the play of his teammates. That's what you see when this guy plays. And I think that will translate to the next level. But like any young QB, Carr will need a little time to make that transistion. He might struggle, but he won't crumble. He's got all the tools. And he's got intangibles out the yingyang. The kid's for real.

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