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Draft Day predictions

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Nope........ Miss Cleo aint never been wrong with her NFL predictions. :fortune:

No way Edgarrin James is traded THIS YEAR, nor Terrell Owens either.

Now she did tell me that some RB named Omar Easy would be drafted by the Ravens..... hmmm..... or did she say she was "easy"?...... I cant remember now, but anyways Miss Cleo has spoken and has never been wrong. :laugh:

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Edgerrin James is in this list of Colts contracts:


INRTA I agree, it doesn't even seem remote. Dungy knows that he's got two backs capable of doing what Warrick Dunn couldn't do in Tampa Bay, and yet have enough force in-between the tackles. He is better off letting Mike Mora handle the OC particulars.

James though, must come all the way back by opening season, which seems a good bet, otherwise the temptation will be to sit him until next year, keep Rhodes and look elsewhere, if he's still not what he used to be.

From how I intensly watched this guy, I have no doubt he'll muster every ounce in his body to be back in shape, better than most. The guy's a warrior!

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Another factor in prohibiting James from being traded THIS YEAR, is the very fact that he is coming off a major injury and surgery. Frequently it takes running backs two years to rebound from major surgery, if they come back at all.

No GM for another team is going to stick his neck out and trade for a player, who may not be the same player after his injury. Traditionally, teams always take a wait-and-see attitude on players returning from major surgery.

Miss Cleo has spoken :fortune: .... er through her representative that is. :D

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Reading my tea leaves this morning, I found...

Terrell Owens to Cleveland for Kevin Johnson & picks.

Michael Strahan to Oakland for a first & a second rounder.

Thomas Jones shipped out of Arizona to a West Coast offense team.

Shane Matthews boarding a plane to DC.

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I knew it! I was right. Someone find my post where I forsaw the skins trading from 18 to 21 to 32 then taking ramsey. I also predicted them taking ladell betts in the 2nd round. I also saw us taking cliff russell and then rashad bauman with the pick we got from the radiers. I picked russell and bauman in the wrong order though damnit.

Can someone find me that post? It was a while ago.

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