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Draft Busts


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Just saw this article on Sportingnews.com listing the top 5 draft busts.

He had 1. Ki-Jana Carter 2. Ryan Leaf, 3. Steve Entman, 4. Lawrence Phillips and 5. Heath Schuler

Personally I wouldnt put Carter ahead of Leaf. So what do you think? Whats your top 5 draft busts? Top 5 Redskin draft busts?

Who will be the busts this year??

I predict one of the top 4 DL's will be a bust. Im leaning to one of the two Tennessee boys. Redskins busts..so many!! Andre Johnson, Heath, Desmond Howard.


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In my esteemed opinion, the biggest bust of all time was...

John Elway, Baltimore Colts

This move was the coup de grace for the Colts in Baltimore. Imagine, if Elway signs with them, the Colts never leave Baltimore (and Cleveland wouldn't have lost the Browns, Baltimore wouldn't have gotten the Ravens, or their championship [maybe they could've won a few with Elway?], Cleveland's new team would've gone somewhere else [LA?, Indy?]; Indianapolis wouldn't have fielded a team; so no Payton Manning, Marshall Faulk, (& Jeff George) for them. Marshall Faulk most likely wouldn't have been traded away (only a cheap Irsay would do such a thing)... Rams wouldn't have won a Super Bowl..............






Talk about a draft pick with impact.

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I think its unfair top categorize Carter as a complete bust. He has terrible luck with injuries and he showed some promise last year. Leaf and Shuler though, terrible. Shuler, even though he suffered injuries as well, was never going to make it in the NFL. Leaf is a nut case.

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Originally posted by glock4lkd

Shuler, even though he suffered injuries as well, was never going to make it in the NFL.

I'm not as sure as you are about this, Glock.

I saw Shuler play in a game against the Rams (what year was that, anyway?) where he played the first half, then got hurt. In that half, he played like Joe Montana.

Now I know that one half does not a career make, but he never again was healthy enough to show what he could do, IIRC.

Sure makes me wonder what might have been.

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Bobby Wilson wasn't a bust in the slightest. He didn't have a great career, but he was a fairly productive player who had a shortened and less effective career than you'd like due to back problems. But, I wouldn't put him up with Johnson :).

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ahhh yes Tony Mandarich...very nice.

What about the Todd Marinovich, picked by the Raiders I believe.

Anyone mention Rodney Peete? What about Quentin Coryatt, remember Indy had 1 and 2 that year, yes Coryatt played but had injury problems. Poor Indy having the top two picks and getting nothing out of it. Trev Alberts never really did anything either, except his fine work on CNNSI--oops didnt someone say thats getting the axe? Can we officially put Akili Smith in the draft bust category? How about Ron Dayne??

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I have to rate Desmond Howard as the biggest Redskins bust in recent memory. Why? Because we traded up and squandered TWO #1 picks on him! Yeah I know he later established himself as a kick returner, but that was really after the Skins let him go. He never panned out anywhere as a receiver. That bonehead draft pick was the beginning of our downhill spiral in the 90's.

Then Andre Johnson has to rate right up there too. I mean not being able to start is one thing, but when a 1st round draft pick cant even make the roster and is out of football the next year, that takes the cake. What did Casserly see in this guy? As I recall we also traded up to take him too, giving Dallas another 5th round draft pick.

Heath Shuler would also rate high. But any time a guy suffers severe injuries such as Ki-jana Carter, it is really not his fault. That is just bad luck and you cant really fault the guy. For example, like Art pointed out with Bobby Wilson. The guy was just injury prone, and you cant predict that in advance. Some big guys are as brittle as peppermint stick candy and some little guys like Darrell Green can play forever.

Hmm. How come Ryan Bellagosi above has my jersey number "00"? Im going to have to put out another contract on someone. :laugh:

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