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Did anyone else catch this?


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I just got my Athlon Pro Football Mag and was casually reading the features when I came across this sappy tribute to Aikman. No big deal. But there were some testimonials from teammates, and this one in particular caught my eye:<br /><br />"Looking back on it, I should have never left the Cowboys. I enjoyed most of my time in Washington, but I should have kept my butt right here in Dallas. When you are blessed enough in this business to work with a quarterback like Troy Aikman, what you do is stay there and ride out that roll. What a roll we could have continued to have."<br /><br /><I>-Former Cowboys offensive coordinator Norv Turner</I><br /><br />... just some food for thought.<br /> <br /> [ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Die Hard ]

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So in a subtle way he is blaming his failures in DC on the fact that he did not have a QB like Ache-man. I wonder how long he's thought of that. Eff him. He does not have that commanding leadership, that intensity, that intimadation, the love that the Great Coaches have.

It's not because he wasn't blessed with a QB like Ache-man, it's because he sucks.

Gibbs did it with three different QBs. Just goes to show you how great Gibbs was. Sure you can go far on the arm of a good QB, but what do you do when you have to adapt.


Likewise, These new Washington Redskins ARE Marty Schottenheimer.

[edited.gif by Skins_Freak on June 13, 2001.]

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Now do you remember George Allen or Joe Gibbs ever talk about perhaps having made a mistake by coming here to coach the Redskins?

I believe this is Norv finally being honest. He was well-suited to what he was doing in Dallas and always looked back on that time wistfully.

He was never a "Redskin" in the classic sense and the fans could see that over time. He never bled burgundy and gold and you got the impression he looked at being in Washington as going to a job every morning.

What separates the great coaches is the feeling in the organization and among the fans/mediaa that that individual IS the face of the team for all intents and purposes.

Bill Walsh WAS the 49ers dynasty, although he let George Seifert play with it for a few years.

Joe Gibbs WAS the Washington Redskins for 12 years.

Vince Lombardi WAS the Green Bay Packers.

Tom Landry WAS the Dallas Cowboys.

Norv never seemed more than a tragically misplaced figure that was dropped from a time machine into a century he was not comfortable in.


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norval was great for the skins.

He showed us how lucky we were to land

JOE the Legend GIBBS.

Think about it, would we had won 3 superbowls with

norval at the helm during the JOE GIBB years?

Nope because we wouldnt have had a dan marino or elway for norval to win with


Yes I'm paid to think and I need a raise

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F Norv! He was too much of a weenie to be a truly successful head coach. Although I believe some moron NFL owner will hire Norv as a head coach in the future he will never be successful. He doesn't have the qualities to be a successful head coach.

Someone mentioned Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. All very successful coaches that reached the pinacle of their professions repeatedly. I'd like to think that when Marty Schottenheimer leaves the Redskins he too will be recalled as one of the greats alongside the Walshes, Gibbs', Lombardis and Landrys of the NFL.


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