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Will These Skins Be Lovable?


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This year's edition of the Redskins will be radically different. The new faces are not high-profile, high-dollar guys, but rather are a)undrafted free agents b)lesser known close-to-vet-minimum FAs and draft picks (our own).

It's going to be fun watching this group establish it's own personality. Hopefully, they'll reflect some of the gravel in Marty's personality.

It'll be interesting to see if some of the holdovers (who do make decent wages) - guys like Bruce Smith, Marco Coleman, Sam Shade and others - set a good example for the new guys or whether they tend to mail it in as soon as there's a bit of adversity.

I can't wait....

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Welcome to the "modern era" of the NFL. Player and team loyalties aren't what they used to be. New faces to go with old ones from different uniforms are now the norm. Who would have said just after the NFC playoff loss to the Buccanneers two season ago that Jeff George, Bruce Smith, Deion of all people, and Kevin Locket would be Redskins and Brad, Larry, and Tre would be gone.


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Good observations by KMP regarding the player turnover which makes it somewhat less fun as a fan than it used to be. As I mentioned in another thread, there's something out of whack when you have a couple of yahoos on local sports talk radio today lampooning the retirement signing of Raleigh McKenzie, a guy who gave 10 years to this team, and then half an hour later whine about we lost Jay Leewenburg, who has been with us for how long??

Having said that, there is always something about football season, with your team playing once a week, and pretty much every game meaning something for the most part. In baseball, last year the Orioles dumped a lot of players and have a lot of new blood, but so far this year its been fun to watch the new guys hustle and at least hang around .500....not great, but better than many expected. I'm looking forward to having the same feeling about this years Skins, particularly after last season's disappointment, and the knowledge that we have a new coach who should be able to light the fire more.

Hey, at least the post-game press conferences are gonna be better, right??

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Hmm. Lovable or Laughable.

I think this team has a good deal of character to establish.

The leadership is there and the positions are strategically being stocked with two-way and "role" players. The foundation was always there. The combinations are certain and logical. There is an element that Marty enjoys, much like an engineer or architect. Each block has it's purpose, with the smaller giving way to the goal of the whole. The appeal is to adherance of working together, so the team is more enjoyable. The players will enjoy each others contributions and each will push the other, always forward.

Now, I would say it's always hard to guage something like that this early. You hope they can play at an intense level every game, whether they win or lose. Those are the teams that consitantly win the SB's, playoffs. I am not just talking regular season.

Here's a chart: Offense in 2001 - all indications show Jimmy Raye's not getting any static (that's good, because, even though Marty's there, a jerk of a player is Still a jerk, no matter who's the head coach. The O doesn't have anyone like that (Wonder if that's because, this is where the most maturity is on the team)?

Defense in 2001 - I believe Smoot is the Skins D what Iverson is the 76ers. He will have to be "trained" to play as part of a team and be patient with his intentions, emotions and temperament. Opposing teams will do anything to win and if he becomes the weakest link, it will be a nightmare. The good news is, he ISN'T Iverson, but himself.

He can't be blamed for being somebody he's not, so you can't expect him to be like Darryl Green or Champ Bailey.

He can be more astute at how he carries his "approach" in communication, like Iverson eventually did. Smoot is smart, so he'll be ok, come preseason's end.

Bruce Smith is the block on the line, but let's not forget the "silent" leader - Marco Coleman. Add in a "refreshing" Big Daddy this year (he knows where he's headed with another average performance or a serious salary adjustment. Still he can at times draw double teams from the interior of the line on "any given sunday'. No linebacking corps has the potential for an upside as the Skins this year, with a least a few honorable mentions to the already established ones in the NFL..With Mitchell and Jones duking it out all season, each pushing the other, show's me Marty is a whale of a coach! The Punting will be more solidified and the right mixture of role players makes the defense for Punt Returns tough as nails.

Coaching staffs grow on you and when they have nicknames like the Old Man, Tuna, The Man in the Hat, then a legend is created. Incidently the two greatest ones IMO, don't have nicknames. One will always be known as "teacher" and person you could come to and lay it on the table. The other was an assertive, iron willed, Granite of a Man, of which his will was so strong, the NFL named a trophy after him. Joe Gibbs will always be the pillar for which ALL NFL coaches will be measrured by and Marty should not be intimidated by it, when reference is made. Vince Lombardi

established an "all the way" attitude in a "half-way" team, much like Marty has the reins now.

We loved both Coach's teams, in 1970, and from 1981-1992.

It's 2001. It's time for love!

Let's hope we all love 'em.

<FONT COLOR="Yellow">HTTR!!!!</FONT c> injun.gif

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Say what IndySkinsfan "We loved both Coach's teams, in 1970, and from 1981-1992."

I agree on the Gibbs Era. Didn't we have a losing season in 1970? Lombardi was coach in 69. No doubt had he lived, the Skins would've eventually won a superbowl under in the 70's.

Maybe you were trying to say 1970's and the 71-77 era of George Allen and his "Over the Hill Gang"?? laugh.gifrolleyes.gif

[edited.gif by Rdskns2000 on June 13, 2001.]

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When you look at the Redskins coaches since 1969, you have two Hall of Famers and another one that is close.

Then throw Norv Turner into the mix and you can readily understand how people were turned off by his demeanor and lack of organizational ability.

Guys like Lombardi and Gibbs are around for 15 minutes and already a tone has been set.

With Turner he was already here for 5 years and was still trying to get players such as Westbrook and Connell to show the coaching staff some respect.

What a joke.

I think this year's team will be lovable because I think we will return to playing scrappy ball, with guys hustling to make plays.

No more Stubby taking plays off or Skip Hicks loafing through another practice. You can also be sure we won't be seeing anymore of the Marvcus Patton or Albert Connell type outbursts in games that we saw under Turner.

That kind of anti-team behavior won't be tolerated.

And the nice thing is, most of the players brought in have been hard working, nose down type guys during their careers.

We haven't recruited any more strutters like Deion or loud mouthes like Connell (with the exception of Smoot whom Marty will probably put the clamps on early).

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The way I read it, Smoot is more of a trash talker to the opposing team, not so much a guy puffing himself up and trying to get personal attention.

****y CB's aren't a bad thing to have, and mouthy ones aren't intrinsically a problem.

And we've had trash talkers on the team before (Dexter and Mitchell come readily to mind) that focussed on the opposition, not on self promotion. We were able to keep them under control.

So I'm not so concerned about Smoot's mouth. And hey, if he can back it up, then there's not gonna be any problem at all.

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Can we be loveable?

I see a POTENTIAL for the Champ and Smoot show to be as cute as Jordan and Rodman. (Of course, I hope Smoot, when the cameras are off, realises that the only thing opposing QBs like better than picking on rookies, is picking on loud-mouthed rookies. Welcome to the NFL).

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I got this feeling that Smoot is going to have to give way to Harrison. I think the trio of Bailey, Harrison, Smoot is our future. With Grandpa Green teaching the crew how to cover, and give them life lessons, we are seeing the dawn of one of the better pass defenses in the league.

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