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Lindy's 2001 Predictions


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Nfc East: Giants

Nfc Central: Bucs

Nfc West: Rams

Wild Cards: Eagles, Packers, Saints

Nfc Championship: Rams over Bucs


Afc East: Colts

Afc Central: Ravens

Afc West: Raiders

Wild Cards: Dolphins, Titans, Broncos

Afc Championship: Ravens over Colts


Superbowl 36: Rams over Ravens

Nfc East:

1. Giants

2. Eagles

3. Skins

4. Boys

5. Cards

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OK, so I travel out of the way to the nearest Barnes & Noble/Starbucks and they don't have the Lindy's. They don't even have the Athlon annual that came out a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps I should start combing the grocery stores...

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The neighborhood Safeway has had Athlon's for a few days now, no sign of Lindy's or Street & Smith's. My regular B. Dalton's hasn't got anything at all yet.

BTW, the regional cover of Athlon's has a big picture of Ray Lewis and a smaller picture of Jeff George. First time I can remember where a Raven was featured over a Redskin, I guess they figure the mag will sell well in Baltimore this year. Of course, Redskin fans will buy it even after off-years...

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I don't pay much attention to the Athlon's, but the Lindy's makes for a pretty good resource with player descriptions, draft evaluations, and draft prospects for the coming year. I know most of this stuff is on the internet, but it is great bathroom reading material-- seeing as how most of us probably don't have a computer in the bathroom.

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I like Lindys for the roster they provide. height, weight, years in the league, stuff like that. Someone asked me about an obscure FG kicker and I went to a back issue and pulled the answer. All of this stuff must be taken for what they are, but it has its uses.

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every year these mags fail to include any suprise teams. And every year we get two or three teams in each conference that come out of nowhere to contend.

The NFC picks, with the exception of the Packers as a wildcard, are exactly the teams that made it last year.

I doubt they will all make it back. Injuries and the fact teams making the playoffs get a harder schedule just about guarantees that.

I could easily see the Saints drop off that list. Ditto for the Eagles, who have no depth behind Donovan McNabb and count on him to be their leading rusher as well as passer. Is Duce Staley back? Who is his backup?

Without McNabb the Eagles are 6-10 material. In fact I can't think of a team except perhaps Green Bay that depends on one player that much for their success.

The Packers are a surprise to me. To me the Packers are a soft team, weak on the lines and with corners that get burned easily in a division with some great receivers.

yes, they have Favre and Ahman Green. But it is what two or three years since we have seen Antonio Freeman really produce as a top NFL receiver? Is Robert Ferguson really ready to step in as a #2?

The Rams have even more turnover on their roster than the Skins and that rarely leads to instant success. To believe the Rams coaching staff is going to successfully integrate all those free agents and draft picks in one year and go to the Super Bowl is a bit of a reach in my opinion.

The Giants are a good team. Not 12-4 good as their record of last year, but a solid team. Will Allen will help at cornerback where Dave Thomas was the team's achilles heel last year. Kenny Holmes is a good pickup for a line that already has talented performers.

The question on the Giants is on offense. Will Barber hold up over 16 games to that kind of load again? Will Dayne be more effective late losing some weight in the offseason? Will the offensive line be able to duplicate its performance in 2000 with some aged players still lingering around? And most importantly, were the two NFC playoff games evidence Collins has arrived as a big-time quarterback or will he fall back to the pack in 2001?

The Bucs are doing this year what the Redskins did last year in loading up for a final run with their core group of players. Perhaps more smartly, they have added younger free agents such as Rice and except for Brad Johnson, have not paid them outrageous bonus dollars so the future hit if they are not successful is not that great.

Still, so many players on the Bucs are overrated to me. Keyshawn is the most overpaid possession receiver in the NFL. He gets breakaway dollars but catches 6 and 7 yard dinks and dunks. Alstott is the most overrated fullback in the NFL. Warrick Dunn like Tiki Barber has to show he can shoulder the load on a consistent basis. Dunn at 185 will be challenged to carry the ball 250 times and remain healthy and productive late in the year. The offensive line is a mix of older vets like Christy and McDaniel and younger unproven players like Coleman and Walker. Other players like Wunsch are mediocre and I really have to question why they were re-signed.

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Dunn and Alstott also have the propensity to fumble the football in traffic.

The Bucs may have a 10-6 or 11-5 team again this year, but I can't see them beating a team like Baltimore that brings the same strengths to the table on defense, if not more so and then counters with a better quarterback, feature running back and offensive line. Not to mention a better pair of tight ends in Sharpe and now Heap.

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Those rags used to get me through the dog days of the off-season, when NFL news was hard to come by. These days, with sites like this one, not to mention the dozens of other free sites that give you both up-to-the-minute news, like KFFL, and the weekly studies like those from TSN, I find the stuff the mags offer now quaint reminders of the old days.

Oh, I suppose the glossy pics are nice, but ...

The one thing in this thread that DID get my attention was the fact one of our own actually admits to shopping at a place called Giant Eagle.

I mean, really. smile.gif

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Hey, I'll go whereever I can to find something.

I remember when I lived in D.C. going to a grocery store called "Giant".

Usually go to "Big Bear" or "Krogers".

Put a grocery store called Skins and I'll be there.

One final thing about Lindy's, the predicts in it are by Howard Balzer's.

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The Giant franchise lives on around here, R2K. Good store (who says we don't cover all topics around here?).

Remarkably, there are also Food Lions ... not good. Sorry Buddha, you gotta head toward the bright lights. smile.gif

(BTW, the last time I was in a store named "Skins," they had plenty of magazines with nice glossy pics, but the content was most definitely not football. cool.gif )

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I expect most writers to be "safe" in their pickings. Whatever happened last year, to them, makes it easier to pick, cause that looks all screwed up. The COLTS aint hardly gonna get there, because their best backfield safety with any cover skills and leadership is in KC, D-line is avg and cornerback is "laaaaaacking".

I like our chances and the more we're dissed and forgotten, the better.

"Don't want to compare this team, don't want no pat on the back,

Don't want no long looks, Don't want no fancy plays in the book

Just tell them that my dreams will come true, and I aint' just talking about the sack"

All Rights reserved - indyskinsfan

or as another song goes

"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"

Hey Om, is that Giant/Eagle reference like me shopping for Cards for Boys (nephew?) laugh.gif

[<IMG SRC="http://www.extremeskins.com/ubb/edited.gif" border=0> by indyskinsfan on June 11, 2001.]

[edited.gif by indyskinsfan on June 11, 2001.]

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