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Worst Redskin qb in Recent History


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Frerottes head bang automatically catapults him into this list, though he was servicable overall, and well I really think the skins would of been in the playoffs if brunell wasn't there for those 4-6 games, this past year, as he had no mobility, and no deep arm connections, which totally allowed teams to jack up portis all year.

All things being considered, I would go with shuler, just because the amount of $, and time, and sheer hype. Also, I say that shuler set the skins back in many ways at that position, and with the draft, as well as with hurting the teams possibility to sign, and for that matter to throw down big money for trent green, way back when.

George was way better than banks, wuerful, and even shuler overall, and for a dude with a sucky additude, he was pretty tough that year.

I think ramsey is gonna be a great one, a tough qb, and to me this year is a huge one for him, I see good things coming from him.

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Originally posted by zoony

Everyone seems to be forgetting Kent Graham.

Graham was better than Banks. We'd have wona couple more games in '01 if he'd started the season. His only time in was the best the offense played all year (primarily because Graham called his own plays instead of Jimmy Raye :D )

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Heath Shuler was the worst QB I've ever seen in a Redskins uniform. It was very dissapointing because he had such a great career at Tennessee and there was so much hype about how great he was going to be in the NFL. I met him and Norv at Training Camp his rookie year and he signed my Topps rookie card.

I figured it was going to be worth so much money one day.

Wow was I wrong.:laugh:

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this is pretty sad, how many bad qb's we've had in the past. None of us can agree on one, proves how bad we had it. Shuler, Brunell, George, Woeful and Shane Matthews. And then our servicable guys like Tony Banks and Gus Frerotte. Seems like we coulda just kept Trent Green and drafted Culpepper instead of signing Brad Johnson.

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Originally posted by CLiNT0N P0RTiS

I voted for Heath Shuler because he didn't do anything for us when he came from Tennassee.

I beg to differ. He was the last qb to take us into dallas and leave with a win. Remember '95. When dallas won the super bowl and we swept them that year?

Worst QB's

Cary conklin

Rich gannon

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