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Democrats retake the Senate???


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Vermont Senator James Jeffords will announce tommorrow that he will leave the republican party. So That leaves the democrats with either a 50 or 51 vote majority, depending if Jeffords becomes a democrat or independent.

So the Bush agenda is finished. The Democrats will dictate what is passed from now on. So while it won't be extreme liberal: after all they don't control the white house or house of reps; Bush won't be able to just do what he wants. Bush better get that Tax cut passed fast before the Democrat Senate cuts it to pieces. Looks like the Democrats didn't have to wait for Strong Thurmond to die.

Now the Repubs will go after some conservative democrats to retake the senate. The Repubs got 5 months control, how long will the democrats? Hmmmmmmmmm.

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Th Republicans have had control of the Senate since 1994, not 5 months...oh, maybe you mean control of both houses plus the White House. The Republicans will now redouble their efforts to get conservative Georgia Democrat Zell Miller to switch sides; if he doesn't, get ready for three and a half years of GWB blaming the Senate for everything that goes wrong.

A lot of the more conservative Repubs are saying good riddance to Jeffords, let the Dems have him, take Susan Collins with you, etc. Some have even called for McCain to go as well.

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The Repubs are glad to be rid of him but losing the seat hurts them badly. Control of the Senate (assuming party discipline on both sides), committee chairmanships, control of the flow of legislation all passes to the Dems if he goes thru with this and the Repubs can't entice a Dem to restore the edge.

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This is the beginning of the end for the Republican rise to power via the south and conservative white males. It was a great tactic, and it has served them well over the last two decades or so, but the ride is about over.

The Republicans can ONLY gain power when they combine their conservative and moderate wings and keep them together. And as Bush demonstrated, can ONLY achieve the Presidency when they talk of inclusion, "compasionate conservatism" (whatever the hell that is), and start talking up traditionally liberal programs like education and health care so as not to scare off the soccer moms, the folks in the cities and suburbs, and the people who like to breathe clean air.

Pure conservatism only represents a minority in this country, so the Republican conservatives are forced to pay at least lip service to their moderates, and the American people, who aren't as far to the right as the Republican southern wing is.

But the writing is on the wall. Even by posing as a moderate, Bush still didn't win the popular vote. And as even the Republican strategists are conceding, the southern, white conservative voter is about tapped out - there are no more votes to be gained there.

Folks here dis Jeffords, but basically he's leaving because he believes in the program Bush actually ran on, not the conservative bully boy and panderer to big business that we see now. And as much as the conservatives don't want to hear it, Jeffords is far closer the where the majority of American are politically than where Bush is currently.

It's gonna change, and the Republicans better find a new power base if the want to stay a majority party. Already, Texas Republicans know that there are no more white votes to gain, but with immigration, Texas is starting to look more and more like California. They predict Texas falling back into the list of Democratic states within the next decade. If the Republicans want to keep Texas in their fold, the guns 'n small government 'n big business pitch will need to change. Less and less folks are listening.

And by turning out to be a conservative in moderate's clothing, Bush is only hastening that change.

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