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realignment 2002


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Well, by June 1st, 2000 ther nfl will have the realignment plan for 2002 done. Well, that's the deadline Tags set for it. Will see what happens. Just this season and next and then it's a whole new nfl.

Here's my realignment, which will probably be close to what happens:

Nfc East: Skins,Boys,Giants,Eagles

N Central: Bears,Vikings,Packers,Lions

N South: Bucs,Panthers,Saints,Falcons

N West: 49ers,Rams,Cards,Seahawks


Afc East: Bills,Patriots,Jets,Dolphins

A Central: Colts,Steelers,Bengals,Browns

A South: Ravens,Jags,Titans,Houston

A West: Raiders,Chargers,Broncos,Chiefs

The 16 games will be like this:

6 games- divisional games

4 games- against a division in the conference, rotated every 3 years.

4 games- against a division in the other conference., rotated every 4 years.

2 games- ??? not yet settled but probably 1st place plays 1st place and so on.

In two years, the way we approach the season will be different. Whereas division games account for 50% of the schedule today, starting in 2002 it will only be little over 33%. That's a huge change.

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In all honesty I don't want to loose the rivalries with the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants. The Cardinals are a joke and couldn't care less about them going to the west where they belong. The Boys, Iggles and Gnts are feared and hated foes. Although I'll be happier than a pig in his own slop when they tear down the Vet! Hopefully those cheapskates in Philly put in a grass stadium. Thank God the Giants are putting grass in this season. Maybe Jerry Jones will do the same at Texas Stadium.

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