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Pete... a couple of things.

Die Hard

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In regards to a response you made to the TOPIC entitled "Indyskinsfan". Your post read:



(/img)C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\Pete's Stuff\(/img)

There's a couple of things to note:

1) It's apparent you've used the UBB code and not HTML. That's fine... but you've used the wrong brackets. The brackets need to be the square ones (ie. [ ] ) to work correctly.

2) Looking at the address/directory of the file you "wanted" to use... it's local; it's on your hard drive. It won't work.

In order to properly show that file/pic - I'm assuming you wanted to use a pic as your signature - you've got to upload it to a server. Usually most ISPs give you 5 free Megs of space.. and if not, you can find a billion companies that do.

If you need any more help with this topic... let me know smile.gif

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Die Hard, I know you have so many other important things to deal with, so I didn't want to bother you with such a subject as vain as this. You gave the info I need. Big Brother is truley watching (ment in a good sense) Thank you. I tested where I did as not to put up useless posts.

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