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I don't quite get why this is so important, or even worse, some deep-seated need of people's.

I voted once. I voted for Roy Williams. He had the bigger game and the bigger impact. He deserves to be the player of the week. JR will take care of business against the Cowboys or the Redskins and get his share of the lime-light. This week, I thought Williams deserved it. :)

The only thing that I really care about this week is that Williams is completely shut down on Sunday and the Eagles don't fall for the trap game.

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Originally posted by Skins26

The cage is open, just fly them right on into the TRAP!!!


Could happen, but next week vs. Chicago is an even bigger trap game. They should be 4-0 going into the bye, but then again, the 'Skins should be 2-0 going into the Cowboys. Lot of homeless 'Skins fans right now. ;)

Never count your chickens...

Have to go put in my 1000th vote for JR Reed. :point2sky

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Originally posted by Eagles_Legendz

It didn't "work". Reed was up 47 to 40 with 15 mins left, and then I suppose they decided they didn't want him to win. I remember this happening with the "Toughest NFL Player" competition where Ramsey got screwed. I don't see the reason in voting if they dedice for you.

I don't think they just picked Roy Williams to win. Most likely, they cancelled out all the multiple votes from the same IP address. Roy Williams had a sound lead until the Eagles fans starting voting dozens of times each.

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