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Dear Redskin fans please read!


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We're in a dilemma and need your help. We being Lions fans.


The Philly fans have gathered their troops and are repeat voting by numbers amounting into the hundreds for Rookie of the Week voting.

As you may or may not know we have a player up for the award and so does Philly. It was the consensus, up until this afternoon that Roy Williams was the clear favorite. But during the course of the day, JR REED has surpassed him. We have pooled our guys and girls to vote but simply cannot compete with the number of Philly fans who have been repeat voting since noon today. Roy Williams was up 53% to JR 31% and now its 41% JR to 41% for Roy. Since cheating seems to count in this poll I thought I would ask some of you guys to go to


And vote for Roy Williams. If you feel Roy wasn;t the best Rookie this week. 4 catches for 74 yards and two TDS then I understand but clearly he was better the JR REED.

If some of you could help out some of us Lions fans put a poker into some Eagles it would be appreciated and we could help in further polls when conerning a Redskin.

Please vote for ROy Wiliams.

To repeat vote click on the link and vote. hit f5 and the ballot window will reload youcan vote up to 10 times before deletin cookies.


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