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Need tech help with PC version of Madden 2005........


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I finally got the PC version of Madden 2005 today. Got it all loaded on the HD and tried to run it, but I get this error message:

"CD/DVD emulation softwear has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD softwear and re-start the game"

Okay, I have no idea where to find this softwear, as I didn't install

the DVD burner I have on here

Please help............

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Then you're going to have to uninstall Alcohol 120% or find a no-cd crack to play the game.

It's a stupid way of game developers trying to stop piracy by not allowing games to run when emulation software is installed on a computer. Of course most copied games have cracks that get around this protection "feature" so it only really harms people who actually buy the game and happen to have emulation software installed.

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Well, I called my buddy in Durham, NC who works at IBM, and he Goggled some message board where some dude in Sweden said that if you have Alcohol 120% or CloneCD that you must delete them, and well, I had CloneCD :doh:

Problem solved and now ready to play :notworthy

Anyways, thanks for the help guys

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