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Recommendations for Books on Tape/CD?


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Hi all:

I'm going to be spending the next few weekends commuting down to VA Beach for family reasons. I'm not going to have the car with XM Radio in it :cry: and I think I'd like to listen to some good books instead of the same old music standby. Since I can't study for my classes and drive at the same time (damnit!), I'm looking for suggestions.

Caveat: I'm not into sci-fi, and not into light fiction. Good history, biographies, classics, science/technical, etc. would be great. Example: the last five books on tape/cd I have listened to are:

Jane Goodall "Reasons for Hope"

Lynne Withey "Dearest Friend : A Life of Abigail Adams"

Bill Bryson "A Short History of Nearly Everything"

George Orwell "1984"

Joseph Ellis "Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation"

So....got any suggestions for me? Thanks :)

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Are you planning on buying these or getting them from your library?

Another option is Cracker Barrel. They "rent" the books on tape/CD. You pay full price and then they refund the full amount less $3.00 per tape I think. I've used it before.

I've listened to a few of John Maxwell's books and really liked those.


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