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F13th boxset: From Crystal Lake To Mannhattan DVD


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For all you horror fans. Just thought since Halloween is next month and the Star Wars DVD boxset is selling like mad this one I would recommend to any Horror fan. I know someone who works as a wholesale distributor and got the F13 boxsets last week. He let me keep a personal copy of his and I must tell you this is a awesome set. Here is what is included on it:


And the reviews on it:


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Originally posted by Kilmer17


No "Jason goes to hell"?

No "Jason X"

No Freddy V Jason?

Im still buying it though.

Actually, The rights to Jason Goes To Hell, JX, FvsJ belong to New Line Cinema. Parts 1-8(which are the best in the series) are owned by Paramount Home Entertainment. Later this evening I will post some photos of the cut scenes and footage.

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