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Welcome Los!!!!!!


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For real Its like this ANY Dallas Fan can say DTC is this and DTC is that but those are my boys and I got there back. None of yall know me and I dont know none of yall and dont care but IF yall gonna talk Big SH** on yall Cowboys Message Board and put up pictures of my boys. For real if yall dont like us come thru Monday to F-51 and ask for Los or whoever. Please get off our Nut S*** and let us breathe. Oh yeah and you will see if I have my parents with on me on Monday!!! To everyone else thanks for the welcoming!!!!!!!! DTC!!!! Im out!!! Whoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!:wewantd: :dallasuck

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Originally posted by herb mul-key

ok Los.......whatever, your cool.

I ain't trying to be cool I'm not cool. In high school I was a mut**F***** Nerd and still am. But this sh** doesn't concern you. So why answer, B?????? That's like me answering to one of your sh** that doesn't concern me. DTC!!!!!!!!

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The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Theres room for all kinds here Los. Geezers like moi (handsome, hardbodied geezers but geezers nonetheless), and feisty youngun's like yourself. Just beware of getting lured into making threats, because that'll get you gone in a heartbeat. You'd be smart to talk to friend Thito and get a feel for whats cool here and whats not.


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Originally posted by CLiNT0NP0RTiS26

Yo Los, lets keep that intensity against those F****ts, they don't know who they messing with. I got cha homes. Holla @ your boy. F51!!!!

My Nucca!!!!! I am ready for monday and I just copped an authentic Portis just for monday that I will be rocking!!! F51!!!!!! Thanks for the welcoming Dan.T, Tarhog and even Spock. LOL. Oh yeah and I wasn't a nerd in high scholl but it doesn't even matter cause we got Dallas on Monday and that is what we should all be focusing at!!! DTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday Night!!!!!!! Whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Dat_Nucca_Los

Thanks Everyone!! I feel at home now. I can take off my shoes now and walk around in my boxers with no shirt on. Yeahhh!!! DTC!!!!! Monday night!!! Join Us!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wewantd: :cheers: :puke: :cheers:

YO! LOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's about effing time you showed up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheers:

Due to scheduling and traveling, I'm sorry to say that I will not be there MOnday, but have a few for me fellas!! :pint: :refill:

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Originally posted by redskns56


What does Nucca mean?

Oh yeah, and welcome aboard. Give 'em hell!

All right!!! I don't use the N-Word like that unless I am cool wit you or I actaully know you. I grew up using the N word and as I got older it sounded really dumb plus the word is not those to just throw around. Well a couple of puerto rican rappers started using and even a few black rappers. It's a word I picked up and use alot.

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Originally posted by RW31

Is it this DTC?


LMAO.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Hmm posting a thread that bashes extreme and one of it's tailgating groups. Come to the DTC.

You are an amusing little troll. I'm not asking the mods to ban you.

Those guys are awesome. They know how to have a fun and truly show their pride. The rep that they are "trouble makers" is nothing more than opposing fans that have a case of "bucket mouth: getting put in their place. Then crying like pu$$ies on a message board afterwards :jerk:

. They are no worse than the slack jawed rednecks that frequent Texs stadium. And before you open your mouth, Yes, I've been there

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