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Isn't it nice to be bitching about the offense for a change?


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Kudos to everyone on the defense for stepping up these first 2 weeks.:notworthy

Lets get the offense going and we might really have something to get excited about.

Week 1: The Wave

Week 2: 50/50, 7 turnovers, Ramsey vs Brunnie, etc...

Week 3: ???

Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast ...

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the Redskins skill players looked dreadful yesterday. laying an egg like this may be cathartic for a team trying to find itself, but you won't see the Eagles or Pats stub their toe on the Giants.

if you go back and look at history, when you fail to win your division games you don't go anywhere at the end of the season.

to have a winning record in the division, the Redskins now have to sweep either Dallas or the Eagles.

the sane way of getting to 4-2 in the East was to beat the 'least' team, the Giants twice and then split with the other two.

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