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Special Tailgating Menu for Dallas?

Grumpy Vet

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So far this season we've had:

1 - Buffalo Wings, Chips, Salsa...etc

2 - Home Smoked Pulled Pork & Chicken Sandwiches...etc

3 - Chicken Quesadillas, chips, salsa

4 - Ribs, chips & salsa

Last year for Dallas we had:

1 - Lobster & NY Strip

For MNF w/ Dallas......

1 - King Crab Legs and Filet Mignons

.....and of course plenty of Rum, Scotch, Beer etc for all the games.

We don't have much money and we sit up in the upper uppers - but once a year when "they" come to town - you gotta splurge and do it up right.....

It helps put us in the zone for some real fan interaction.

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