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Teams will keep 8 in the box until the passing game gels.


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The Giants have a poor secondary and still basically dared us to beat them in the air. We will see more of the same on Monday. It's obvious that neither quarterback is very comfortable running the passing offense yet and I imagine teams will follow the exact same Giants defensive game plan until we start to gel.

Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that neither quarterback has had a ton of time with the receivers since they were splitting snaps throughout the offseason?

I don't think I can bear to watch this game again. I think if I did though there are some good signs. The things that killed us were the penalties and the turnovers. If we didn't have those we would have won the game. Those are things that can be corrected. What I think is causing this is that the quarterbacks aren't really comfortable with the system yet and it shows. There seems to be a lack of confidence from each quarterback. They don't seem to feel really sure of what they are doing.

Give it time. This is a work in progress. Until they start getting comfortable it could be rough going though. It's pretty hard to run the ball when the defense stacks the line. Even with Clinton Portis.

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Yeah they will. But it shouldnt matter. Put a hat on a hat and run it down their throats like we did against Tampa during the last 5 minutes.

Of course we cant run it all game like that, but an 8 man front shouldnt scare you out of your strength.

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Guest Gichin13

I agree. We can expert alot of 8 in the box until we can get connected on the passing game.

What burns me is both Burnell and Ramsey found that sweet spot quite a few times around 15 yards out sitting right in the middle ... only to have multiple drops.

I think if Burnell can hit that pass consistently, that will give the running game some breathing room. Run play action to that, check overpursuit with some screens, and we have some options even if we are not chucking it way deep too often.

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