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First off as some of you know and may remember, my wife is, or has previously claimed to be a Cowboy fan. Yes, I know, divorce her, kick her to the curb...blahh blah blah. Anyhoo, I noticed some really suspicious behavior on her part as we watched the Redskins game together. First off, she never watches the Redskins games with me as I have been not been the bestest person to be around during the Redskins games the last dozen years, but she was there yesterday for the whole game. And while she may never admit it publicly, at least not yet, she may be be coming over to the good side.

She actually called a couple of the Redskins players "idiots" as they made their mistakes, you know like she was disappointed. She seemed to get to the edge of her seat when the Redskins feigned the comeback. She was visably shaking her head when Ramsey threw the interception in the endzone and even commented on the fact that it should have never happened if "that other guy (Gardner)" would have caught the touchdown pass. When Ramsey threw the interception where it looks like Coles slipped, or was held, she said, and I quote, "who the hell was he throwing that to?" And on the long interception she even said, "WTF?" Yes my wife can drop the f-bomb with the best of them.

I didn't say anything to her in regards to her obviously caring about the outcome of a Redskin's game. I choose to let the transformation blossom. Then, when watching the Cowboys-Browns game it all became obviously apparent.

Be sure that my wife is really not a true football fan, I think she only really liked the Cowboys during their hayday when Staubach was in charge and then only as a bandwagonner in the 90s. But she has always despised the Redskins and still refuses to be in the room when she hears Joe Theismann's voice. She hated the Redskins as much as I love them probably just because I love them so much. But I felt a different air on Sunday.

Then during the Cowboy game I noticed that she seemed to be rooting for the Browns to win. Not so much as rah rah rooting but, well you could tell. At one point a pass went through a Brown's hands right into a Cowboy defender she called the Brown a moron. I called her out.

"Hey," I says, "I thought you are a Cowboy fan."

She says after a noticeable pause and stutter, "Uh, well, um, the Browns are my Uncle's team and I want Jack's (her Uncle) team to win."

Uh huh, riiight, I think to myself, nice cover, I guess. I did not persue it further at this point, I simply let her go on more or less rooting for the Browns. In my mind I smiled and said to myself, "she's coming home."

She sees my youngest daughter root with Daddy for the Redskins, her oldest son, who has moved away roots for the Redskins and always bets on them against the advise of his father -- big better, that boy, may be his downfall one day. She has no choice but to convert. She'll probablly never ever admit it out loud, but the signs are clear and even though the Skins lost, a small victory emerged.

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It could be an elaborate ploy.

Maybe she still is a big Cowboy fan and hates the Redskins. Maybe she really didn't want to see next weekend's opponent drop a winnable game to a division rival while her team won.

I know as a Skins fan, I REALLY wanted the Cowboys to win that game last week. I think them coming to FedEx at 0-2 would have been scary. I would prefer we have won too but I like my chances with Gibbs coming off a bad loss and the Boys off a win.

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