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Pasta takes another shot at Skins


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I just sent this article to ESPN.com, hopefully it will get the message across.

I am writing to inform you of the blatant unprofessionalism of one of your writers. For the past 9 months Len Pasquerelli has engaged with a feud with Redskins management. In that time, he has managed to some subtle and not so subtle shots at Joe Gibbs and the Redskins. His latest article posted on ESPN.com on September 20th, he openly admits his happiness in the defeat of the Redskins. I personally have supported ESPN for over a dozen years, whether it be print, internet, or television. However, I am officially ending this support of ESPN until this company parts ways with Mr. Pasquerelli. I will encourage all of my fellow Redskin faithful to do the same and seek their information from one of the other providers of sports media. I find it truly regrettable that it has come to this, but I don't come to ESPN to hear supposedly objective reporters taking shots at my team and taking glee in their defeat.

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Originally posted by eggitmon



He actually acknowledges how happy he is the redskins lost. My brother is a journalism student at Missouri and he had to take down his personal web page with political commentary, he said that he can't even have a campaign sign in his yard BECAUSE...

showing any signs of bias challenges your journalistic integrity. guess lenny didn't get the memo.

i'll take wilbon in round 1, that's if lenny could get up out of his corner without toppling:D

I think the problem is that Pasquerelli is not a real journalist. But then again, neither is Wilbon. They're both editorialist are are entitled to their opinion.

I, for my part, boycott ESPN (except for games) because the product is just not worth supporting.

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"Sainted Joe Gibbs"...Praising the defense and criticizing the offense

He really has it in for Gibbs.

Unfortunately, he's actually right this week.

Anyway, I'm not sure if he is retreating a little bit, but he did say:

"Chances are pretty good that, at some point in the future, said host (who also gloated that he planned to assail yours truly in the FedEx Field press box with his analysis but, um, didn't), will get a chance to rub my nose in it big-time. "

Maybe that's a little mea culpa. Who knows.

I've taken issue with the previous articles he's written, but this one is fine. He should be able to give it back to Wilbon.

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Originally posted by Griff

I don't think any of us can rain on Lenny's parade, his movie Trilogy comes out on DVD tomorrow, he must be so excited.


Len Pasquarelli

Senior Sports Writer ESPN

Thanks Griff - the more I read about the farkin icehole, the madder I got. Needed a humor fix!


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First thing I did was visit the link to make sure JeffSchmeff wasn't making some sort of joke. This is the most ridiculously unprofessional crap I've ever read, I'm speechless. This is something I'd expect to see posted on a message board, not written by a supposed professional.

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Originally posted by bubba9497

TK got in trouble for "fueding" with ESPN talent....

Lenny P. will get a hand slap

I think this is different than the Tony K thing.

Everyone knows how much of a clown TK is and he doesn't even take himself seriously. Tony will jokingly take shots at anyone if it will get him a laugh.

Wilbon, with his bloated ego and false bravado, could very easily take these barbs from Jabba personally. If these two get into a pissing contest, Lenny could end up getting burned.

And Pastabelly is very low on the heirarchy of "ESPN talent" and could easily be replaced. All this guy does is write for ESPN.com. Fortunately, I've never seen Lenny on any ESPN telecasts, and I hope it stays that way. He basically has the same level of job status as a clown like Chad Ford.

Actually, I take that back. I've actually seen Chad Ford do a few spots on ESPNews before.

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Joe Gibbs is a world class coach and leader that exudes class and dignity in everything he does. Pastabelly is an overweight, mean spirited and jealous individual, completely devoid of class and integrity, who has accomplished nothing in his life. Gibbs has been carried off the field by his players in triumph. Pasta would have to be carried off the field by medics if he tried to jog across it. There is simply no comparison of the 2 men in question here. I guarantee you that Gibbs doesn't spend any time whatsoever thinking about Len, but it appears Len lies in bed at night thinking about Gibbs. I hope Pasta keeps writing his drivel. It only serves as motivation.

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My complaint to ESPN.....

Seriously, you guys pay this obese slab of meat to whip out his little poison pen and advance his own personal agenda? That tub of Spam has such a complex about his own sad, pathethic life of daily 5000 calorie diets and clearly uses the undeserving space on ESPN as some kind of sick self-therapy. Maybe he should just try a ****tail of Xanax, Lithium, and Trim Spa instead.

It's amazing that the editorial staff of a so-called prestigous sports media empire would continue indulging the delusional, hateful, and vicious agenda of Lenny the Hut. I can't wait for the NFL Network to simply dominate and, hopefully, relegate ESPN to a secondary player in national sports broadcasting. With the NFL Network, you won't have to tolerate the thinly veiled ravings of an undermedicated waste of human flesh. No, the NFL Network will not employ wanna-be journalists that, somehow, make a living launching ad hominem and gratuitous attacks at legendary coaches, colleagues and team owners.

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