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Anyone else have the feeling?


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That we come out fired up for Dallas next Monday Night and let them have it?

As for the game today, Im glad I didn't see it after reading all of these posts (stuck with Saints coverage down here). Sounded like a pretty ugly game.

How many times were we in the red-zone only to have one of our offensive players screw up and cost us points?

But yeah I just have a feeling that the Redskins will be pumped up for the game Monday Night and whoop the Cowboys' ass after being humiliated by the Giants.

Geaux Skins! It is only week 2, Gibbs has plenty of time to get this team firing on all cylinders. Nobody on this board was expecting this team to fly out of the gate. From what I had read most of the posters on here thought that this team would start getting it's stuff together after around 6 or 7 games. If the Skins have this type of performance a couple of weeks down the road, then I will be worried. But until then...:wewantd:

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