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If We trust in Gibbs....


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I was reading Kevin’s, so called, corner and could not believe the stupid stuff that makes it’s way from his head to the computer Key board.

We have a young owner who has made some mistakes and has done things that can be taken the wrong way. Some would say he has “stuck it to the fans” as so eloquently put by Kevin. Other would say he has only done things to try and improve the organization.

I hear so many people talk about how much they trust in Gibbs as a coach, and how much they respect him as a man. Do you think for a second if Joe Gibbs felt that Dan was trying to stick it to the fans and was not a man of good character that he would come back and work for him. Coach Gibbs faith alone would not allow him to associate with an organization that was run in a dishonest way.

The reason Coach Gibbs is here is because of our flawed owner. It is the warm relationship he maintained over the years with Coach Gibbs that allowed for the open dialog that led to the return of our Hall of fame coach.

So If I trust Coach Gibbs, then I have to trust he believes and has faith in the totality of this organization and that my fellow fans starts with our owner. So instead of bashing the organization why don’t we take a cue form our trusted Hall of Fame coach and show the same support and commitment that he shows. Go skins !!!!!!!

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Gibbs makes Snyder the perfect owner. Now Snyder is just the guy that spends the big money and gets the guys that Gibbs and company want.

Snyder has always been great at getting his man. Rarely does he let a guy that he is targeting sign with another team, and he has always been willing to spend money for the good of the team.

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